> BTW the Mitsubishi 2040u is EOL'ed.  The new one is 2060u.  Any
> comments?  This will cost me about $1900AUD - or about $1060USD on current
> exchange rates.  How does that compare to street pricing in nth America?

    The 2060u specs are almost identical to the 2040u.  Probably just firmware & 
monitor main board improvements.  Remember, since
the monitor's internal DSP synthesizes & regulates all signals to the yoke, yoke 
feedback, flyback, dynamic focus, & dynamic beam
convergence, improvements on the firmware alone can improve the final picture quality. 
 I still say that this screen at 1280x1024
can compete with a reasonably good LCD screen with regard to sharpness & the dead on 
convergence & focus, but, I do like the ability
to run it at a clean flawless 2048x1536 when Protel-ing.  I still like the 1280x1024 
for regular desktop & Quartus work.  I guess I
could fix this if I sat down and re-configured all the desktop font & icon size 

> For comparison an 17" LCD from Mitsubishi (DV170) is $1700AUD or about
> $950USD.  How does that compare?  And this is an analog drive LCD not even DVI!

    Never seen this monitor.  But, from the photos on Nec's & Mitsubishi's new LCD 
screens, the outside borders are so small that
tiling them with dual or quad head would probably be a pleasurable experience.  In 
fact, if you search a little, you may find some
desktop LCD displays which are near borderless.  I have decided to go all LCD once I 
could find a 2048x1536 screen which doesn't
make these horizontal line tears in animations.  This means a synchronous refresh of 
pixels to the incoming video signal.  So far, I
saw 1 18 inch LCD screen without the tearing, but its expensive, though the picture 
motion is perfect & the pixel transition time is
1/4 that of the current LCD screens.

http://www.necmitsubishi.com/  -> normal CRTs & normal LCDs.
http://www-6.ibm.com/jp/oemj/lcd/md2229.html -> the only LCD screen I'm interested in, 
but I'll probably only end up with 2 of these
screens -> http://www.redcorp.com/products/25316058.asp

> Do you know how the 200 NVS differs from the 550XGL card (both are
> Quadro4-based).  There is no good (detailed) info on these cards
> capabilities - in particular the options for driving mix-and-match LCD+CRT,
> CRT+CRT, LCD+LCD is not well defined.  I think the 550XGL is clear enough
> that it can either do CRT+CRT or LCD+LCD, no mixing.

    The XGL series has a significantly more powerful 3D opengl engine designed for 3D 
opengl cad based usage.  This is not the same
as their 3D opengl gaming cards.  There is a lot more lighting & detail on these, but, 
if you used them for gaming, they will
probably not give you the same speed as a GF4TI4600 card, unless you configure the 
output in cheaper game quality mode.  DoomIII,
with near ray-trace grade output, (competes with the Final Fantasy movie with the 
right video card), a card like this might get you
all the way there.

    Now, the CRT+CTR, or LCD+CRT, or LCD+LCD question.  Arrrg,  you are correct, you 
cannot go LCD+CRT with these cards unless you
(A) run your LCD in analog mode, or (B) use the Y LCD+LCD standard DVI cable adapter 
(supplied upon request of purchase), & put an
analog adapter on one of the LCD outputs.

Brian Guralnick
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