At about the same time as JaMi, My employer bought a Dell system.  It had the current 
versions of included software when Dell accepted the release, including the 
Intellimouse drivers that worked well for all the included software, most of which was 
fairly recent - the new software was written to understand and give new useful 
functionality to the wheel.

Enter Protel 99SE SP6 - written before there were wheel-mouses.  Intellimouse drivers 
send information to Protel, Protel does not know how to properly handle it (it never 
had to before), and promptly circles the drain.

Protel is probably nowhere near the only package (written before wheel-mouses 
(mice?;-)) with Intellimouse problems, and thus drivers were modified to deal with 
older applications more elegantly, giving us the current stable functionality.

Can Protel write its application to deal with all possible future hardware/driver 
resources?  Obviously not.

Does Microsoft (or anyone else, for that matter) test its hardware/drivers with all 
possible applications?  No way!

Do hardware/driver vendors respond to bug/incompatibility reports and improve things, 
all the time.  I have rarely had any new hardware shipped to me with the latest 
drivers included, system or peripheral.  The first thing I do (even before installing, 
because sometimes it is required) is check the manufacturers web site for updated 
drivers, because they are constantly fixing bugs, and adding enhancements.  Rarely 
have I experienced a 'downgrade' as a result of this.

Should Protel have been able to suggest updating the drivers?  Most good techs would, 
and many here on this list did.  This may have been too new a problem for Protel 
corporate to be familiar with yet.  This is an explanation - not an excuse.

I try to keep up to date on all updated and drivers, many issues have been addressed 
and fixed by these updates.  Needless to say, the motivation wanes somewhat when the 
system is stable and everything behaves like a dream.

Now, if only my Acrobat 5 problems could go away.  Fortunately, it is not too bad, I 
rarely have to restart more than once every week or two.

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