I can confirm the last of the bugs reported.
I had a situation where Midlayer 14 had been used and I removed that layer
from the layer stack manager to use an other layer. (I usually use Mid
layer 1, 2 etc. but this design was don by somebody else before me). When I
exported the design to Specctra the Layer 14 still was exported. I Opened
the rules to fix it and it was greyed out. I had to add so I had 14 mid
layers in the layer stack manager to be able to choose not used under
rules. Then I could remove all unwanted midlayers and I was back to the
design that I wanted. Really messy. So it is a bug that only the routing
layer is used for the specctra export and no warning is issued that there
is an difference between Layer Stack manager and Routing layers rule.

Best Regards
Mattias Ericson

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Hi Ian,

thank you for the quick response. Here are the details:


>What would be really really helpful would be you laying out the info in
>following form so I can copy and paste.
>Date: 2002/01/28 sort of format (yyyy/mm/dd)
>Summary: PCB: Gerber gerneration of renamed layers is (wrong?)
>Details: P99SE SP6 PCB: .... a few sentences describing the problem and
>Reported by: yourself here
>Confirmed by: has anyone confirmed it?
>Do this for both of the bugs, if you could.  I do not have Specctra so
>would not really know what I was writing anyway...

I will do as you suggest. Here we go:

Date: 2002/07/05
Summary: PCB: Gerber generation of renamed layers creates 2 layer files,
one with old and one with new name
Details: P99SE SP6 PCB: In the "Layer Stack Manager", when you rename a
layer, the
"Layer Stack Manager" shows the new name, and so do all other PCB functions
related to layers, but when you create Gerbers, there shows up a layer with
the old name, plus a layer with the new name, but this one is empty apart
from multi-layer elements.
Reported by: Gisbert Auge
Confirmed by: not until now to my knowledge

Date: 2002/07/05
Summary: PCB: "Autoroute/Specctra Interface/Export design file" can
generate a .DSN file with the wrong number of routing layers specified
Details: P99SE SP6 PCB: There is a bug in the influence of Rules/Routing
layers and the  "Autoroute/Specctra Interface/Export design file" function.
It is easy to reproduce. Do the following:
Take a multilayer PCB (no matter how many layers, but at least one inner
routing layer) and define the layers in "Layer Stack Manager" as usual. Go
to "Design/Rules/Routing Layers/Properties" and define the layer directions
as desired. Close with "ok". Go back to the "Layer Stack Manager" and
delete one inner routing layer. Check in "Design/Rules/Routing
Layers/Properties" that the layer is not active (selected and editable) any
more. Do an export to SPECCTRA. Check the resulting .DSN file, and you will
see, that the deleted layer is exported to SPECCTRA as active routing
layer, resulting in SPECCTRA routing the design with too many layers. A
clear, reproducable bug.
Workaround: Before deleting the layer in the "Layer Stack Manager", go to
"Design/Rules/Routing Layers/Properties" and reset the layer to "not used".
Then delete it in the "Layer Stack Manager", and it is gone for good.
Reported by: Gisbert Auge
Confirmed by: not until now to my knowledge

>Still onward and upward.
>I gather there is lots of bad weather in Europe at the moment - are you
>very wet where you are?  It is very dry in Eastern Australia at the moment
>and little chance of any significant rain till into next year apparently -
>full drought conditions in many parts.

Not too bad in our part of the country, fortunately. But very bad in the
southeast parts of Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Most probably
for the same reason why it's so dry in your place. And still the US refuse
to sign the Kyoto agreement. They might get it next time. They will notice.
No harm intended. Just my 2 Eurocents.

Mit freundlichem Gru
Kind regards

Gisbert Auge
N.A.T. GmbH

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