that's why in our company we the following policy :
-start with preview pane disabled. This allows going through the inbox
messages and delete the offenders based just on title and sender. I only
open the very few I want.
-javascript disabled.
-open new window disabled.
-open attachment images disabled
-no email client on the CAD workstations.
-no disk drive sharing for the CAD workstations. The CAD workstations can
see the shared network resources but they are not visible for anybody except
the server backup drive.
-the internet access PC's have no rights whatsoever on the CAD workstations
, servers or the rest of the network. Anything that needs to be downloaded
from the web gets placed in some shared directory on the internet enabled
pc's . The CAD workstations have rights to see the shared transfer folder on
the internet pc's. The downloaded files get virus checked .
-no free mail services
-we use a dedicated firewall pc.
- no upgrades just because there's a new driver or a new patch for some
program , Os , etc . If it works don't fix it !

Not surprisingly, our CAD machines very seldomly crash.I haven't had any CAD
crash in 2 years , including a dual CPU machine with an ATI vido card !

Best Regards,

Matt Tudor , MSEE

-----Original Message-----
From: Bagotronix Tech Support <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Protel EDA Forum <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Thursday, August 15, 2002 9:14 AM
Subject: Re: [PEDA] OT: Spoofed email address (was: (Un)subscribe!!!)
>Yeah, we get tons of spam too.  No, we don't use AOL, MSN, hotmail, or any
>of the notorious spam magnets.  Typically 50 - 90% of the e-mail to our
>sales e-mail box is spam.  We get lots of spam faxes too.  The spammers
>be profiling me as a middle-aged transexual who:  wants to enlarge my
>breasts AND male parts, wants to look younger, is overweight, likes to
>participate in pyramid schemes, needs a cheap vacation, needs to re-finance
>my mortgage, has a vitamin deficiency, and is always out of inkjet and
>I really wonder how much longer it will be until e-mail becomes useless
>because the signal to noise ratio gets too low.  If it takes me 2 seconds
>recognize and delete each spam, then 300 spams take 10 minutes to delete.
>That's assuming the spams are not "intrusive", forcing pop-up browser
>windows to open.  One spam I received earlier this week was for a porn
>It was the most "penetrating" e-mail I have ever seen (no pun intended).
>Not only did it immediately put a naughty picture in my OE reader window,
>opened an IE window and put a naughty website on that.  When I closed that
>IE window, another popped up.  When I closed  THAT window, ANOTHER popped
>up.  Once more, then the 4th window took up the entire screen (no taskbar).
>I had to CTRL-ALT-DEL and kill all the IE processes to get back control of
>my PC.  A Win9X user would have had to reboot their PC.  All of this
>happened EVEN THOUGH I use Mozilla as my default browser.  I didn't bother
>to examine the HTML source of the offending spam, but it probably used some
>kind of Javascript to start IE.  Because M$ OS come with IE and you cannot
>remove it, this gives evil spammers a guaranteed way to force you to look
>their website.  People (M$ and the spammers) should be going to jail for
>this, but they're not.
>I have been trying to use Mozilla for e-mail also, but it seems to have a
>bug that crashes when trying to import large message folders from OE.  So I
>am stuck with OE for now.
>Best regards,
>Ivan Baggett
>Bagotronix Inc.

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