> What this ultimately means is that most companies will likely stop
> drivers for Win2K, WinNT (and Win9X) for new hardware, and only develop
> WinXP.  Even though Win2K may still be in heavy use.  So, if/when you want
> upgrade to some improved hardware you may find that you have no choice but
> move to WinXP just for the driver support.

Not developing drivers for Win9X/NT/2K will be a big loss of opportunity for
at least 4-5 years.  There are hundreds of million of PCs out there with
these OSs on them.  Most will still be in service for the next 4-5 years.

> And, by assisting with the so called Digital Rights Management
developments he
> may also be driving a nail in the Open Source coffin for Linux, since it
> impossible for an Open Source OS to truly be written so that DRM could not
> removed by an end user.  That coupled with his patents for the "secured
> may make it virtually impossible for any competing OS to exist if the
> PC" catches on.

I don't disagree with your statement.  But if this were to happen, it would
be suicide for the U.S. tech industry.  We would instantly become
uncompetitive with other countries around the world.  Other governments are
moving to Open Source, not away from it, and would forbid the sale and use
of software that is so "closed".

I suspect there is too much Linux usage in IT for this to happen.  IBM is
into Linux big-time.  You think they are going to allow Linux to be
marginalized or outlawed by some stupid legislation? - think again.

The only way the "secured PC" will catch on is if M$ does a good job of
keeping the DRM secret until a big installed base is out there, and lying
about the benefits of DRM to consumers.  I'm sure they will do this, so it's
up to us nerds to inform those non-nerds we know of the dangers when they

Notes to Altium:
1)  You do not need to make Protel run only on "secured PC"
2)  Your license key number and floating license schemes offer adequate
protection already
3)  In case you are thinking of building "secured PC" support into future
versions of Protel, see lines 1 and 2

> I've been moving most everything else that I do over to Linux, and I only
> a couple of actual M$oft based apps that I still don't have a good
> to, but that will change over the next year or so.  But it is more
> in some environments to move to Linux.

I salute you, sir.  I wish I was that far along in my change-over from M$ to
Linux.  We use Linux for the LAN server, but still run Win9X/2K for
workstations :-(

> If you love XP and M$oft that's great, if not then be sure that you have
> effective equipment "spares" inventory, including software, going forward.
> far as security updates for M$oft OS's, you can skirt a number of the
> by making sure that your EDA machine doesn't have direct access to the
> Internet, as was described earlier by another user.

We've got plenty of spares - it's called "old computer junk".  Around here,
old computers (almost) never die - they just get upgraded, cannibalized, or
re-tasked.  The only computer I ever got rid of before it's time was a piece
of crap Compaq Presario (PII-266).  Never again did I buy a Compaq.  We have
several Frankenstein PC's around the office that are made from parts of
other PCs.  I should glue some bolts to the side of the case and paint it
green, that would make the image complete.

Yes, I am entirely to blame for the tech recession ;-)  The PC industry was
expecting me to replace all my PCs in early 2000.  I didn't, so the tech
stocks took a big dive.  When I didn't sign up for broadband in 2000, the
telecom stocks took a dive.  The techs and telecoms then set their sights on
2001, ever hopeful that would be the year for me.  When they saw that all I
bought was one new PC that year, and still didn't sign up for broadband,
their stocks went down even more.  Now they say they think my spending will
pick up in the second half of 2002.  Well, I did sign up for broadband this
year, but evidently it was too little too late for Worldcom and Global
Crossing.  And I still have not bought any new PCs in 2002, and probably
won't.  So it looks like it's going to be a long recession.  I'm so sorry,
it's all my fault...

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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