The latest Issue of Maximum PC (Sept) is reporting a performance issue
under XP with SCSI drives.  The problem seems related to historic
recommendations of the mode that a file should be opened with.  There was a
mention that under certain conditions,  this problem could occur in W2K
also.  MS is supposedly working on a patch for it.

I've got 98 and IDE myself,  so I wasn't paying full attention.

MD> You should invest in SCSI I/O if you have a lot of throughput problems to
MD> cause buffer underruns.  I can defrag a partition while burning from the
MD> other without underrun issues and without burnproof.  Most of the problems
MD> arise with all IDE based systems that use 100% CPU to burn CDs and MUST use
MD> burnproof or else you get a coaster.  With a SCSI based system you'd see
MD> about a 1-2% CPU hit while burning.  I have a 200Mhz Pentium Pro machine that
MD> I used to use to duplicate CDs that can copy a CD to five burners at 8X at
MD> once w/o any underrun issues.  IDE couldn't even dream of that...

MD> I cant really stress enough how important I/O is to system performance
MD> independent of CPU and memory size.  A single Ultra160 15K disk will
MD> outperform two ATA100 disks in a RIAD 0 stripe.  Also when putting a SCSI
MD> disk under full throughput stress it doesn't use 100% of the CPU like all IDE
MD> based systems.  Not to mention the reliability and increased cache sizes you
MD> get with most server-class SCSI disk.  SCSI disks have no where near the high
MD> failure rates of IDE disks because you are buying a enterprise solution.
MD> Prices have really come down as well.. you can get a 73GB 10k RPM Ultra160
MD> disk for about $320 now...that's really cheap!

MD> Anyhow, back to Protel...

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MD> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Protel vs. DirectCD

MD> it works for me (new roxio)
MD> i have had far less coasters w/ roxio than nero and i find it much
MD> easier to use

MD> but i usually close all other apps while burning and don't do other
MD> tasks at the same time

MD> Dennis Saputelli

MD> mariusrf wrote:
>> if you Google you will see the vast majority of people
>> had problems with roxio and switched to ahead nero for cd burning .
MD> directcd
>> and easy cd creator historically had tons of issues with the most diverse
MD> pc
>> configurations .
>> Matt Tudor , MSEE
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>> Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 11:33 AM
>> Subject: [PEDA] Protel vs. DirectCD
>> > I've just encountered a problem which essentially crashes my machine (W2K
>> > P99SE SP6) when I try to run Protel while Roxio's Easy CD Creator v
>> 5.01_E2
>> > is running. I think it's just a shell for DirectCD; it came bundled with
>> my
>> > Dell, but is actually just crippleware (lowering my opinion of Dell; they
>> > promised a CDRW with supporting software, but this comes with ads to buy
>> the
>> > full software).
>> >
>> > Has anyone else seen this? Is there anything specific I can do to alow
>> > continuing to at least view schematics in Protel while writing a CD of
>> > unrelated files?
>> >
>> > Steve Hendrix
>> >

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