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Subject: Re: [PEDA] SCSI v IDE & IBM Deathstars (was Protel vs. DirectCD)

> >You dont need an RTOS to sustain 2-4KB/sec to a storage device.  The OS
> >hardly the bottleneck if you cant burn a CD properly.
> The data rate is faster than that.  For a 8X CDRW, it's 1.2MB/sec.  If
> CDRW buffer is 2MB, you have less than 2 seconds of margin, then you have
> coaster CD.
> For example, lets say you have an open session of Protel 99SE.  It
> every 10 minutes or so.  During the autosave, it hogs the CPU.  If you
> burning a CD during that time, you would end up with a coaster.
> You can blame this any number of things (Protel is a hog, crappy CD
> buggy CD burner software, etc.), but the reality is that the OS is not a
> real-time OS, because it has no way to guarantee that a critical thread
> execute within a bounded latency.  This is why we have to "baby" our CD
> burning process.  Maybe your SCSI CDRW's don't have this problem because
> they have huge buffers?  They should, considering the $$$ you paid for
> Real-time will someday come to the common OS (Windows, Linux, etc.).
> then, people will foolishly keep buying ever faster machines hoping to
> overcome latency through sheer brute force.
> Best regards,
> Ivan Baggett
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    I used to hope/believe the same about real time operating systems and
PC's when the first PC emerged from IBM here in Boca Raton (I'm only about 3
miles away from their former Boca facility , now abandoned by IBM , rented
out and named T-REX Business Park very approrpiately as there are mostly
.com companies in there ) .
    Before Windows ever descended upon the PC world, all seemed possible .
Machines running at slower speeds than today's busses were plenty fast for
custom application hand crafted in C , Pascal or God forbid in assembly. Now
2 decades later we have _progress_ . We now have 2GHz+ microprocessors
running countless versions of Windoze . Still no RTOS in sight . Linux is
not real time. Heck, it's not even free. If I wanted to buy a decent
distribution packaged in a box and on a CD rather than ftp files it costs me
almost as much as windows . The extremely fast and powerful hardware
resources are brought to their knees by the ever more bloated software.
    CPU speed increased by a ratio of 300 to 1 ! . The PC however still gets
all confused if I eject a floppy during a floppy disk operation . It still
refuses to do a trivial printing of say a 200 page pdf document while
formatting a bunch of floppies , defragging a hd or burning a CD . After
only 20+ years of Micro$oft progress we not only didn't get a RTOs , we
didn't even get a true _multitasking OS .   The problem is that PC's are
consumer appliances. The fact that they contain the most advanced
semiconductor processes is irrelevant. They're for the same market as color
tv's, cd players or vcr's .  Their functionality caters to the average joe
blow who couldn't answer to a simple hello while counting to 5 (try that
with a cashier at a supermarket in the US and they'll invariably give you
wrong change). 50 years ago people were envisioning distance learning,
PC-aided medicine without doctors, etc . Now we got internet porn, endless
spamming, viruses , 10th grade kids who couldn't read , or who have no idea
what 2+2 is . So who cares that Pc's will never become real time ,
definitely not the consumers . Why should they ? Consumers would still buy
them no matter what, just tell'em these are faster than the neghbors'  .
Consumers bought even cars with tailfins , didn't they . Formula 1 drivers
were not driving them on the race track however. We're fortunate enough that
the consumer technology in this case is close enough to what we need and we
can use it. Otherwise we'd have to go back to $50k workstations running some
*nix . I personally hope that by the end of this century pc's will mature
more and evolve into the tool they were supposed to be or at least closer to
it . Or maybe not, and they'll forever share the same fate as TV , radio ,
cars , space exploration etc.
Sorry for the rant,

Matt Tudor , MSEE

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