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OK, what happened now, all of the " >" went away in "Reply" ???

That happens to me sometimes, and I cant understand why, does it have
anything to do with the source of the post I am replying to?

I will prefix and end my reply statements with "******".


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Subject: [PEDA] amount of mails on PEDA

Hi group,

since this SP7 stuff is being discussed, I typically have 100+ emails from
the forum every day, instead of 10-30 before. Yes, I also would like to
have SP7, but I suggest going back to normal. If someone wants to add
JaMi's "Ceterum censeo ... " to every mail as a reminder for Altium, feel
free. Hope it helps.

Valid point - I would suggest moving it off line to PDEV or OT, but I think
that we really need to keep this issue visible to all of the forum users
simply because we need their input in helping to gain any information that
they may have on crashes and other problems, and at the same time I think
that they would want to see the info re those same crashes and problems so
that they can avoid them. I would also suggest that we also need to keep the
problems in front of the forum to keep them in front of Protel / Altium. You
can bet that Protel / Altium is monitoring the goings on here, or soon will
be, especially since Tony confirmed that one of the bugs found here has
propagated thru to DXP. - js

Maybe the solution is to prefix all of the subject headers with SP7 or CR#
for Crash Report (with the # for a number), so that people that want to
bypass them can do it very readily. js

By the way, JaMi, I recall that some time ago (last year?) you were harshly
complaining about the traffic on this forum, and had made up a list to show
how many mails some people sent per day, blaming them they obviously need
not work, as they had time for writing legthy mails. This was mainly
targeted at Abdul, but I found myself also on your list of shame with 2
mails that day. May I humbly state, that from 0:15 AM (my time) to 10:00 AM
you posted 15 mails to the forum in just 10 hours. 15 !!!! On vacation? Or
you definitely must have changed your mind since then.

No, I am not on vacation, and I have not changed my mind, but I can see and
accept your point. -js

I would however like to think that it is just a little bit different simply
because I am not weighing in on absolutely everything that is said and
responding to every single issue that shows up in the forum, but rather only
a select and small range of posts concerning some very serious problems that
very literally do affect every person out there in the forum, whether they
realize it or not. -js

Maybe it really does apper to be the very same thing to everyone else out
there, in which case, I can only apologize to the forum. -js

As you yourself pointed out, this specific topic, SP7, and those related to
it, appear to be generating a rather large volume of that mail, all by
themselves.  -js

But of course if nobody is interested in SP7, then they can sign a waiver
now, and we can take their name, and when it arrives, we can just ask Protel
/ Altium to remove them from the SP7 Distribution List.  ; )  -js

Also topics like: "which boardshop can you recommend?" I would be grateful
if you could put to OT forum. It has got nothing to do with Protel, and is
useless information for all those forum subscribers not located in the
country of the requester (US in this case).

I would respectfully disagree with this one, since is related and you really
do want to get that type of question out to as many people as you can,
although it may be very appropriate to ask that all of the replies should be
sent "offline and direct" to the person making the inquiry, rather than thru
the forum. -js

Thanks for your input and participation,


Yes Altium, I really really really do want my SP7!

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