I am taking a WAG on this one, because I really have not looked at it yet,
but just reading the post triggered some of the few little gray cells that I
have left.

Is it possible that something is funny is happening with the "origin" of the
plots, and possibly the "mirrored plots" are ending up outside of the
"workspace", and hence not really there?

Try setting the "origin" to the lower left corner of the board, or a few
other places, and see if that does anything.

I know that Protel 99 SE does some weird thing when it comes to the

For example, if you have some vias and copper "selected" on the left side of
your board, and forget about them, and "select" something else at the
extreme right side of the workspace, and move it to the left, you can move
the original items that you have selected off of the edge of the work space,
literally out in "left field". once you "deselect" everything, those items
will only generally only show up in a print or a plot, but not always.

The weird stuff comes into play when you try to different things to "get at"
the goodies that are out there in "left field".

You can zoom out and do a "Select All", and move your entire selected block
to the right, which will actually include all of the little goodies out
there in "left field", and then proceed to delete them and then reselect the
whole block and move  the whole thing back where it belongs (or just reset
the "origin").

However, if you attempt to take a different approach, the little goodies out
in "left field" are not always affected by the "select" activities for some

For example: if you know the little goodies are there, and want to delete
them, you would think that you could perform a "Select All Outside", and
select your entire board and titleblock area, which is supposed to select
everything "outside" of that area, which would include all of the goodies
out in "left field", so that you could "delete" everything with a
"Cntl-Del", but guess what, this "select" operation does not "see things"
that are outside of the work space, and while you would delete any goodies
out in "center field" or "right field" (providing they are inside the "ball
park" (workspace), it will not delete the things in "left field" because
they were not actually selected.

I actually think that this is a bug, and speaking of which, maybe we should
tag it for SP7, but my point here is that Protel 99 SE does not always do
what you would think that it should when it comes to things that may be
outside of the workspace.

Hope that this is of some help.


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I know this can be done in CamTastic easily, but was
there a bug that will not output mirrored gerbers
directly from Protel, When you select a mirrored
option all the regular plots go away, also if you
just do a cam setup to only do mirrored plots
no gerbers actually get output just a report and aperture
file, but again no gerbers at all ?????

Bob Wolfe

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