I would have to agree with Dennis that this is not a bug. My counter to this
is that one could try and use lines on a schematic for interconnecting
parts. When doing a netlist, you would find nothing was connected. Protel
points this out subtly by having associated colors for those purposes.

In this light, I would like to know if there is an official bugs list for
Protel on line all the same. I thought there was a mention of something like
this on Yahoo ? I not not know if it was Ian that volunteered this form of
archiving, as unloving as a job it would be ? 

Neverless, I will give an example where an software omission causes an
inconvenience, but it is not a bug. Protel has the ability to point back to
its DDB resources to self declare its piggy backed library files. What it
does not associate in this way are graphic inserts one wishes to place on a
template, even though they can travel within the DDB. Placements such as
this require the bit map (or whatever image) be kept on a predefined
location on a computer connection (HD..whatever). That is just my

Well.... sending such a file to another person means that this person will
not see those inserts. I have found a work around to this 'miss giving' by
doing extra work with AutoCad for templates and then doing an import. Yes,
it is grief, but that is not a bug. 

A bug to me is when there is no warning of nets being shorted and it happens
anyway, without prompting the user to a merged net name. Yes... I know that
could be edited out. That's a tweak, not a solution to an inefficiency
because that action causes grief that might get hidden.

The lost DDB architecture is a loss to me, but it is not a bug, as well. It
took some time for me to be accept to data base archiving. Some will pee on
DDBs for creating risk, but it has its merits when other people would
otherwise use the designer's tracking of his own documents for their own

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