Dave, Ian,

I have seen this behaviuor when importing a pcb from Protel DOS into Protel 3 and 
Protel 98. Those happened to be pads with zero diameter and polygons with zero size. 
Try to search for those objects in the reports and check if there are any. After 
increasing their size I was able to delete them. Their origin is unknown to me.


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On 09:54 AM 11/09/2002 -0500, Dave Eloranta said:
>I moved a completed layout so that I could add a mirrored title block on the
>lower left of my parts locator drawing.  All design rules pass, and I am
>ready to generate gerbers. How do I get the rats nest of nets to conform to
>the completely routed PCB. Reloading the netlist replies netlist unchanged.
>Thank you
>Dave Eloranta
>Locus Inc.
>Madison WI.


I assume you are talking about these ratsnest lines that terminate at a 
point with no (apparent) track or fill or pads etc.

I have seen this at time and it is very irritating isn't it.

I have investigated the cause on a number of occasions.  I am afraid I 
can't quite recall the process I use to clear it.

I know Select-Inside does not catch the phantom entity.  I know it is 
sometime hard to find the problem when looking at the ASCII format file (as 
text).  I am not sure if clearing the netlist and the re-synching helps - 
make lots of backups before mixing netlist functions with the synch - there 
is a method of getting the synch out of step by using the netlist 
functions.  Saving as an ASCII format and reopening and then resynching 
should fix this.

I can't recall if I have every tried to pour a polygon or place a fill over 
the area (specifying a different net).  This would possibly trigger a DRC 
violation depending on the actual form of the mystery entry.  If so then 
the DRC violation details may help track down the source of these problems.

This is an issue I have observed  occasionally for years now.  I have a 
feeling that the ratsnest may terminate on the old location of a via or a 
free pad.  Not sure about this.

There is at least one other Move Selection issue that can come up.  In some 
circumstances, a combination of Move Selection and the 'L' key (to swap 
layers) can cause the undo stack to become out-of-sorts.  Doing Undo may 
leave the system such that not all entities redraw correctly at all zoom 
levels.  From memory the problem does not persist through a Save - or does 
it need to be fixed by a Save-As (ASCII).  Can't recall now - it was a long 
time ago.  But I can go back and find out the details and, I think, it is 
in the bug list.  This is a confirmed (by Altium) bug.

Ian Wilson

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