You should be able to set your file associations under windows back to the
way you want.

Its too bad too that software installs routinely mess with file
associations and don't clean-up after later and act politely.   This is
pretty common in my experience and NOT unique to Protel.

I combat this syndrom with a pair of batch files that will easily
straighten out the mess.   I have found that doing it in windows explorer
is unreliable, limiting, and prone to flaky behavior.   The batch files I
use are easier, quicker, and best of all... portable.

I don't run any of the newer windows, got NT here at work and 98SE at home,
so the info I'm about to download may need some interpretation for say XP.
Also note that I am still a diehard protel 98 user (ive got 99se but dont
use it - another story) which are relected in the examples below.

Okay, Here are my actual batch files I use:

assoc > assoc.txt
ftype > ftype.txt
notepad assoc.txt
notepad ftype.txt

>>> This one dumps the current file association data to a pair of text
files that are then opened in notepad for viewing.  Here you can see ALL
the file extensions assignments and and exactly which programs are

rem ********** SET JPG FILES TO OPEN WITH MS PHOTOEDITOR ************************
rem ftype jpegfile=
rem ftype jpegfile="c:\program files\common files\microsoft 
shared\photoed\photoed.exe" %1
rem ********** REMOVE ASSOCIATIONS FOR PROTEL FILES *****************************
rem assoc .lib=
rem assoc .sch=
rem assoc .prj=
rem assoc .net=
rem assoc .pcb=
rem assoc .pld=
rem assoc .rcs=txtfile
rem assoc .sdf=
rem ********* REASSIGN FILE TYPES BACK TO PROTEL 98 *****************************
rem ftype ProtelLibraryFile=C:\client98\client98.exe %1
rem ftype ProtelNetlistFile=C:\client98\client98.exe %1
rem ftype ProtelPCBFile=C:\client98\client98.exe %1
rem ftype ProtelProjectFile=C:\client98\client98.exe %1
rem ftype ProtelResourceFile=C:\client98\client98.exe %1
rem ftype ProtelSchematicFile=C:\client98\client98.exe %1
rem =========

>>>This file sets the associations that I want.   I enable selected lines by removing 
>the REM prior to running it.
This way I can toggle back and forth if I want.

To use these batch files, run the 1st one and look at the associations you
currently have.
Heres an example of what assoc.txt shows (program name for each registered
file extension)


ftype.txt shows what program gets called for each program name.

Access.Application.8=C:\hscapps\office97\Office\MSACCESS.EXE /NOSTARTUP "%1"
Access.BlankDatabaseTemplate.8=C:\hscapps\office97\Office\MSACCESS.EXE /NOSTARTUP 
/NEWDB "%1"
Access.DatabaseWizardTemplate.8=C:\hscapps\office97\Office\MSACCESS.EXE /NOSTARTUP 
/DBWIZ "%1"
Access.Extension.8=C:\hscapps\office97\Office\MSACCESS.EXE /NOSTARTUP "%1"
Access.MDEFile.8=C:\hscapps\office97\Office\MSACCESS.EXE /NOSTARTUP "%1"
Access.ShortCut.Form.1=C:\hscapps\office97\Office\MSACCESS.EXE /NOSTARTUP /SHELLSYSTEM 
[OpenForm "%1"]
Access.ShortCut.Macro.1=C:\hscapps\office97\Office\MSACCESS.EXE /NOSTARTUP 
/SHELLSYSTEM [ShellOpenMacro "%1"]

So after I check what the associations are, I'll open the 2nd batch file to
add/change/delete command lines in order to manipulate the associations to
whatever I want.   Then run it.   Lastly I run the first bach file again to
check that my changes came out okay.

I do have both P99SE and P98 installed but have removed all protel file
"hooks" so dbl clicking protel files doesn't start anything up.  Not even
P98.   I personally like it that way cause it prevents me from the
accidental dbl click and multiple instances of protel.   My favorite
technique for opening files is to drag and drop out of winExporer to the
protel window - so I don't need dbl click to work.

Hope you found this usefull
Dave Lewis

>I went into Power Desk 4 Pro (souped up MS Exploder), and found the backup
>of the file I was looking for, and double clicked on it, and . . .
>OH!  *&$%#*^~+  -   8^{
>DXP opened the file instead of Protel 99 SE !
>It appears that inspite of everybody saying it was safe to install DXP
>side of Protel 99 SE, and that there would be no interactions or problems,
>it appears that DXP took it for granted that I wanted it to trash all of
>Protel 99 SE files.

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