PEDA Forum Members,

I am not quite sure whether or not all members of this forum are aware that
the two DXP forums operating on Yahoo! Groups, are in fact both "Open
Membership Groups" with totally unrestricted membership, which means that
"Membership" to the "Group" is actually open and unrestricted and without
any conditions.

The reason that I bring this up is that I know many people in this forum are
considering upgrading to DXP, if they have not already, and therefore may
want to keep abreast of developments, even though they do not have the time
to post to the forums or participate, they may still wish to receive emails
or log on to Yahoo! Groups and review the posts..

While it is true that you do have to sign up as a member of Yahoo! Groups,
once you have done that you are free to join any of the Yahoo! Groups that
have "Open Membership".

If on the other hand, the "Membership" to the "Group" was "Restricted", you
may have to agree to certain conditions to join the specific "Group", and
have your "Membership" in that "Group" approved, but since these "Groups"
are "Open Membership Groups", the only usage terms that actually apply are
the Yahoo? Groups usage terms themselves.

The easiest way to join either or both "Groups", is to "post" to the
"Group", and if you are not already a member, Yahoo! Groups will send you an
automatic email that tells you you have to be a member of the "Group" to
"post", and provides you with a direct link to join the "Group"

The email addresses for posting to the two "forums" are as follows"

The DXP Technical Forum is at:


and the DXP Pre-Release Forum is at:


If you are not a member of either forum, simply sending an email to either
will get you an automatic reply which will provide you with a direct link to

Hopefuly this is heplful to some.


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