It is a curse that many have sought to help me with here
on the list.  Although there are a lot of things that might
help it update, there are times when I flat out can't get
it to work at all.  In a case like this, I am forced to
delete the old part and replace it with the new one.

I believe it's a bug, but it seems intermittent.

For one thing, make sure you are using the right library.
Just here recently I added a part to the library, but when
I came back to the schematic and wanted to place the part,
it wasn't there.  I was positive I made the change in the
right library, but when I looked closer, I noticed that I
had created a new ddb and archived the old one, and I was
editting in the new ddb BUT when I wanted to place components
out of it, it was going to an unchanged version in the old

Oh!  Another kicker is make sure that you don't have the
components "locked" on your schematic.  This will cause
the desired update to fail.  


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I have a question for all you Protel gurus.

When updating parts on a schematic from the schematic library I have noticed
that sometimes the parts on the schematic will be updated with the desired
symbol changes, but sometimes it does not work. Is this a bug? Is there some
way to ensure that this update function will always work properly ? Has
anyone else noticed this as a problem ?

Thanks for the help !

Daniel Webster
PCB Designer
Northern Airborne Technology
Phone: 250-763-2329 ext. 225

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