Believe me or not, but ignoring others trying to solve their problems with
import/export/conversion is the last thing that could come to my mind.

Actually, dealing with such problems has been a big part of my work since the
beginning of this year when we, finally, moved from our old EDA environment
(OrCAD SDT + CADSTAR) to Protel. And the person dealing with all transfer
and customization issues has been me.

So I am totally aware that there are different EDA packages and there are
many different problems (possibly much bigger than those I coped with)
with transferring projects/libraries from one EDA software to another.

I am aware that there are of course many different methods of solving such
And I always say that any possible method that leads to the target is good.

Sometimes it happens that there are two or more possibilities leading to
more or less the same result.
And that was what I read from your post - the suggestion to go the short
way from PCB/SCH ASCII directly to library. I assumed PCB/SCH ASCII in one
of Protel formats. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

Having this, I tried to do what I usually do as an engineer - estimate
whether one method is/could be more effective than another.

This what I posted in reply to your question was a result of my
"thinking aloud".
As the conclusion presented my personal opinion based on my personal
experience and limited knowledge I asked "what for?"
Not to depreciate your suggestion. It was pure curiosity, nothing else.

I could ask it another way:
Is there anything more that would make my knowledge about this less limited
and could change my opinion?
Is there anything more that could justify spending more time on this particular
suggested method?
"What for?" applied to this particular suggested method, not the whole world
of import/export/transfer problems.

I may assure you that there was nothing else but curiosity standing behind
my question.
And I may assure you that I am the last person to question the need to develop
methods (and share knowledge about them) of solving import/export/transfer
problems. I am always willing to learn something new.

Wojciech Oborski

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