Hi all,
        figured that I would report back on my findings with the problem of
duplicate nets being generated using Update PCB. Turns out it is operator
error, plain and simple it is egg on my face. I finally found the problem
the other day when the same problem showed up in another job. I was
previously used to connectivity of "Nets and Ports Global" when netlisting,
this has always been my default. Well sometime in the recent past it changed
on my system so I was trying to compile the update using "Sheet Symbol/Port
Connections". This of course generated separate (and duplicate) nets across
different sheets. I think that this setting might have been imported into my
system along with a partial schematic from one of the engineers, if that
don't do it then it could be one of the many re-installs I had done a month
or more back.

        For those of you that like to understand the details here they are:

Three sheets with interconnected nets across the three sheets in a flat
There is lots of netnaming in the schematics but the 14 duplicate errors are
the only ones that cross page boundaries.
Seems that Power Ports do not get treated the same way as simple netnames,
none of my errors were from Power Ports I would have thought they should
have caused the same duplication and should have generated the same errors
across different pages. This led to some problem seeing the exact nature of
the problem because they did not generate duplicate nets as the netname
connections had.

To all who took the time for suggesting solutions, thanks again.

Egg on your face isn't too bad but could use some more spices.

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
Microwave Products
Tel   (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
Fax  (604) 292-9010
Norsat's Microwave Products Division has now achieved ISO 9001:2000

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