Hi all:

I have been asked to import all my schematic docs into word, which I know
sounds like a fun job, but in fact isn't. To make my life easier, I have
devised the following procedure, which you may all use for the same purpose
(and/or adapt for use with pcb's, which I will be doing later...):

1. You will need the following installed on your computer to follow these

a. Protel (of course)
b. A postcript printer driver that prints to a file; I use the HP 4500
driver so I can print in colour.
b. Cygwin
c. Ghostscript (the windows version is OK, as long as it's in your $PATH -
not sure of URL to d/l this)
d. Imagemagick (the windows version is OK, just use the default install and
it works - get it from http://www.imagemagick.org or one of the mirrors
e. MS Word (of course)

2. Print your schematic to a PS file - if you install a colour printer (eg
HP laserjet 4500), you will get a colour file.

3. Using ghostscript, convert the postscript file into a series of png's.
(You can actually use any file format here that word will understand, but
png's are quite small.
The command line for doing the following is as follows:

# gs -sDEVICE=png256 -sOutputFile=`basename $f .ps`%02d.png -dNOPAUSE
-dBATCH -r300 $f 

Where $f is of course the postscript file you printed earlier. If you have
more than 100 sheets in your schematic document, you might want to change
the %02d to %03d. The -r300 line sets the resolution - 300dpi gives
reasonable output at manageable file sizes.

4. Now, you may rotate the images, so that they come out properly on a
landscape-formatted word page (don't ask *me* why, this is just what I was
asked to do by my boss).

Use the following cygwin command lines for this:

for g in  *.png ; do
  echo $g
  mogrify -rotate 90 $g 

5. Now, import the png files into Word, using the Insert->Picture->From File
menu item (or add it to the toolbar). I'm sure someone could write a VB
macro to do all the png files in a directory, but I can't be bothered doing

6. You can of course put it all into a script, as I have done:


# Script to create a set of nice png images from a postscript file,
# generally generated from Protel.

# usage: makepng <file.ps>
# If you omit <file.ps>, it barfs

for f in $@ ; do
  gs -sDEVICE=png256 -sOutputFile=`basename $f .ps`%02d.png -dNOPAUSE
-dBATCH -r300 $f 

for g in  *.png ; do
  echo $g
  mogrify -rotate 90 $g 

Excuse the long line (starting with 'gs'), if it's wrapped you'll have to
fix the wrapping manually - the windows version of gs doesn't seem to like
lines broken with the standard '\' line-joins.

Note this method will also work for solidworks drawings, or anything else
that can be printed.


Matthew van de Werken
Electronics Engineer
CSIRO Exploration & Mining - Gravity Group
1 Technology Court - Pullenvale - Qld - 4069
ph:  (07) 3327 4685     fax:  (07) 3327 4455

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