I use PerfectDisk on a background schedule each night at 10:00PM. It
automatically reboots my system, defrags the pagefile and the directory
files, placing them in the middle of the drive.  Then when reboot is
complete it continues to defragment the drive placing files according to
age, with the most recently modified last and generally closer to the
directories and the pagefile.  I never do defragmentation on normal
unscheduled reboots as its all been done the night before.

When defrag is done consistently in this manner, the time to do the next
online defrag is quiet quick even for a large drive and
modification/deletion of large DVD video files.

Tim Hutcheson

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Defragmentation is key to system performance.  A heavily defragmented disk
that is near capacity will decrease the system performance significantly.
When you go to write a large file it will take a lot longer because the head
will have to move to several places on the disk to find free space to span
the large file over.  Lots of times you could have a large file spanned over
several physical platters in the drive it self causing longer waits for disk
operations.  Also it is a lot more stressful on the disk itself to
be seeking back and forth to different physical areas for data when it could
just read continuously from one area of the platter.  Your data is actually
more prone to error being fragmented than contiguous.

Defragging is a safe operation and contiguous file systems are crucial to
maintaining disk and system performance.  You don't have to do it at boot or
even once a week.  You should do it each time you make a significant change
to the file system (installed a big program, deleted large amounts of files,

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While we're on the subject, I don't bother with defrag.  It is mostly a
waste of time and puts your data at risk while the defragging operation is
in process.  I know some people who have their PCs set up to automatically
defrag each time they boot up.  I guess they don't care for quick booting!

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