Not sure that anyone ever replied to this one.

There was a time shortly after beginning to work with 99 SE (July 01) when I
had actually started printing large portions of the Knowledge Base, but I
don't remember what I ended up doing with the results. I did have a sizable
stack of printouts though, and possibly still have them somewhere. If I
remember correctly, I discovered this forum, and decided that it was much
more informative than the Knowledge Base, and I stopped my printing crusade.

This was before I discovered the forum, and after Protel had "blown off" my
problems with the keyboard shortcut / mouse wheel related system crashes,
and I felt that my only hope for any real answers was the Knowledge Base.

I had discovered the Knowledge Base quite by accident, and when I discovered
that my problem had actually been acknowledged in there for several years,
all the way back to Protel 98, even though the problem had never really been
solved, I called up Protel and really offloaded.

I really dumped on them about the fact of the problem having been present
thru several "versions" of the product without any resolution, and further
that I had to find the Knowledge Base by myself and that their people
couldn't even direct me there and seemed oblivious to it's contents.

I remember that the reason that I began printing copies of the Knowledge
Base articles, was that I became aware of the fact that some of the articles
were simply disappearing. They would just quietly drop out of the Knowledge
Base. I mean they were there one day, and I would write down the number, and
it would not be there the next day, and I am not sure quite sure what the
driving force behind this was, other than Protels embarrasment over having
some of them there. Possibly I was just trying to access things at the same
time that they were doing a major Knowledge Base house cleaning, but I think
that it possibly may not have just been coincidence. Anyway, I began to
sequentially print off the older stuff, article by article, before it

Once I discovered this forum, and found that there actually were some real
answers to Protel problems out there from someone besides Protel (who didn't
have the answers), I no longer had the need to rely on the Knowledge Base,
and lost the interest in printing off the entire thing, although I will
admit, many times I have thought it would be nice to have a copy of the
whole Knowledge Base, just for reference.

Maybe someone out there can write a little script to query the Knowledge
Base one number at a time, and then save the results to disk, so that we can
actually come up with a real database of what's left.

Unfortunately, it appears that most of the stuff that once was there, is now
gone. I would take that as an indicator that most of what is now there will
also be gone in another year, if someone does not take the steps to save it.

I am sure that it really is embarrassing when some of the "bugs" listed in
there have been there for years and years and versions and versions and
still remain listed as "bugs"

Maybe someone has some contacts at the big "A" down south who can smuggle
out a real copy . . .

It would actually be very interesting to see whether or not some more of the
embarrassing things begin to disappear from the existing Knowledge Base, due
to this current interest. It is not a very good "sales tool" to have sitting
out there on the website to have potential customers just wandering through,
especially when the potential customer can see that several of these
problems have existed for years without resolution.

Tony had suggested www.archive.com in a parallel post, but unfortunately
that site doesn't appear to go into things like a querryable database that
are not simply copyable by a simple "webcrawler". I have tried to access the
Knowledge Base on a number of their "archived" pages with no success.


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> Does anyone know of a freely downloadable version of the Protel
> KnowledgeBase, (ie, Altium/Protel's official Knowledge Base) and if so,
> location where that database be found?
> thanks,
> aj

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