I have no doubt the synchronizer would work well for me ...in an ideal
world.  Even the Protel schematics I receive are often flawed with incorrect
information,  patterns, etc.   I have no control over that, even when I
provide input.   For all of you taking the IPC CID courses,  don't answer
that question like I did..... The question was related to providing input
back to the electrical engineer.....I answered     " are you kidding?"
During the course of a design,  I might receive  an update, hourly, each
update still flawed.      I learned to deal with it using the fastest method
I could,  just  to keep pace with the errors and remain flexible.   Perhaps,
5  percent of all  the engineers I  work with know how to create a proper
schematic, a BOM,  and run DRCs.   Even less know what is required for PCB
design.     Seriously,  some don't even understand a DRC matrix, or what the
error means.     This is 2003, hard to believe some of these guys are
designing some of America's best fighting hardware.

Copper Pours    another subject
Well, I was working with Data Circuit's engineering department  in
California yesterday and resolved a copper pour issue.  If  you use the "NO
HATCH"  option,   you can send gerbers with just copper outlines, annotate
it with a FAB NOTE,  then allow your fabricator to fill in copper areas.
On large designs, this can be of great benefit  for pouring copper on
external layers.   Copper pours can take hours on a large design, worst yet
if it isn't right it has to pour again  This is my tip of the Day

Mike Reagan

As far as copper pours....I just received an

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> On 09:18 AM 14/02/2003 -0500, Mike Reagan said:
> >Ian,
> >Time works against me.    Some boards of which I have Protel schematics,
> >have found the synchronizer to take hours.
> I assume you are not using the "Assign Net to Connected Copper" option
> within the synchronizer - I have found this to slow things down heaps. I
> have not noticed a dramatic slow down of the synch with design size but
> probably the biggest design I have done is quite modest by your standards.
> Mike, I am not surprised you have good reason for doing what you were
> doing.  I was mainly pointing out to others (and for the web searcher)
> the synch doesn't have this particular issue.  I was quite sure you had
> good reason not to use it in this case  (though the cost and time spent
> turning the PCB again would be more than the cost in your time doing using
> the synch - in this case, I'd guess.  So all you have to do is figure out
> when you are about to make a mistake and spend the time doing the synch
> instead of netlist load ... simple, eh!
> Ian

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