Dear sir:
          In placing polygon ground, there always exist some tiny polygon, these tiny trace will interfer signal trace.
          I  have 2 methods to deal with this: 
                 1: dobule click the polygon plane, unlock primitive ,then modify the tiny traces.
          The shortcoming is:  If I need rebuild the polygon, I have to modify again.
                 2: In relative layer(eg TOP layer),route an trace( no net) to keep from the tiny trace, let the tract' s properties is keepout, then rebuid the polygon, it will no tiny trace.
         The shortcoming is:  After fulfil these work, I have to delete these"keepout" trace, but maybe I need rebild the polygon.
         So I still havn't thought good method to do it. Can you give me any guide?
Best regards,
Miao yijun
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