Hi again Brad & all,
Try running it on a 'Client spreadsheet' BOM.  It will definitely not work
on a Protel BOM.
It was looping until Part Type was empty, so if any Part types were empty,
it stopped there.  I have corrected this, so it now checks the first two
I don't know what this run time error 13 is - could someone send me a BOM
which displays this error?
I will write a read.me file soon, as I seem to be getting some interest.  I
now know how the guys at Protel feel when users start reporting bugs!

(See attached file: BOM sorter.xls)


David Watling

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Well I got the macros to be recognized, had to change the macro security
level. Now I have it adding a "Qty" header and it seems to format the
column widths but nothing else happens.

             To Dave Watling,
             Dave, I think that your excel wooksheet needs at least a small
readme file. It is not as simple as one might think it could be. Can you
give us the BOM format, number of columns, headers or no headers, anything
else that we might not inherently know.

             While playing, it did combine two designators onto one line
but listed the quantity still as "1". That is as far it would go, just one
line and it was in error because it should have had a quantity of 2. It
also doesn't seem to handle rows where the first column is blank. And I
have now seen the runtime error 13 a number of times as well.

Brad Velander.

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> Dave
> All I get out of it is run time error 13 type mismatch.
> Is the procedure just open file, load csv and go?
> Best Regards
> John A. Ross

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