I'm not sure that it is good enough for Protel to decide that  new users
are insufficiently competent to understand more advanced concepts. I
clearly remember way back in the days of Orcad SDT III getting instructions
about writing drivers at the back of the manual!! Also how to construct
symbols from Ascii files ( a bit wierd that was but it worked).
Such info is self qualifying anyway. If you are a new / inexperienced user
it will look like gobbledegook and you won't bother. On the other hand you
won't be anything else if you can't lay your hands on the tough stuff. Even
worse if you don't know it exists. I would also contend that 200 plus pin
devices are by no means unusual and have been been par for the course for
several years now. To paraphrase; "Things can only get bigger."

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>Thank you very much, this does make sense but where the hell is supporting
>documentation from Protel. I am very, very sure that these instructions
>don't appear in my 99SE  manual.

The instructions given in the post to which Mr. Gillat is responding
involve accessing a library database directly. The instructions are not in
the manual because Protel did not consider it a great idea to give new
users an impulse to go to the database.

The situation in question involved a massive schematic symbol, not your
everyday occurrence, so more powerful techniques were involved than one
might expect to find in a reference manual of reasonable size.

What Altium should have done long ago -- they still have not done it, to my

knowledge -- was to actively recommend that new users join this list and
(1) watch the list if they have time, they will learn a lot, and (2) ask if

they need to do anything which seems overly cumbersome or difficult.

The Protel design system is much more powerful and flexible than it might
appear to a new user. It is possible to manipulate the databases directly
with a text editor or even Excel, plus the internal Protel spreadsheet
editor is often powerful enough to do many tasks. It has its quirks, to be
sure, which is why you need this list to hold your hand.

But we are here 24/7, Altium simply cannot match that, nor do they, except
through us, have access to such a large group of experienced users. We have

been there, we have done that, and enough of us are willing to share our
experience that it works.

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