There is no known 'undocumented feature' that is likely to be causing your problem. More likely is some minor detail that has slipped by, or the problem is with the printer driver that you are using for the print preview - we have seen some quirky behavior with some plotters and printers.

When you defined the split planes, did you accidentally use a fine line width for the boundary voids? Did you assign each split to a unique net? When you go to the split plane editor ( Design>Split Planes...), can you see each of the split regions? Look carefully at the properties of each split using the split plane editor.

There is a brief, but useful discussion of creating split planes on pages 595-597 in the manual at:

As an aside - there is no problem or prohibition regarding nested split planes. We've been using Protel99SE since the beta versions (as well as the earlier versions of Protel such as Tango, PFW 2.8, 3, 98, 99, etc), and we have never seen a problem with split planes in any configuration - except for the one I warned you about previously (if you have a via or pad on a plane boundary that is connected to one of the split regions, Protel will often connect it to both split regions).

If it still has you stumped, I would be willing to take a quick look at your layout to see if I can spot the difficulty.

Regards - Harry

At 09:13 PM 7/2/03 +0200, you wrote:

I thought I had followed all the rules, both from P99SEsp6 and the ones the distinguished members of this forum found out about the subject of splitting planes.......

In the PCB editor all looks fine: a VCC plane with several (non-nested) sub-planes and a GND plane with a PE sub-plane.
No vias at all in the 30 mil boundaries (took quite a bit of shuffeling).

In the print preview however the VCC plane appears without the sub-planes. Rebuild seems to have no effect whatsoever on this phenomenon.
The GND plane on the other hand shows the sub-plane just fine.....
Where have my VCC sub-planes gone?

Did I do something stupid?
Or is this another 'undocumented feature' (like the hole size) of the print preview process?

Please, enlighten me......

Leo Potjewijd
hardware designer
IE Keyprocessor bv.

+31 20 4620700

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