At 03:13 PM 8/5/2003, Dennis Saputelli wrote:
distiller produces noticeably better output though so we put up with

for proof of the better output see:
(note: case sensitive path)

look at the line spacing and the 'circle' in the middle
if your results vary it may be because of a newer version than mine

The PDF Writer version looks bad, *but* I think it is likely that it is a resolution problem. This will be affected to some degree by the PDF Writer settings, as well as, I think, the scale setting when the Protel print process is run. If you set the display for 100% in Acrobat, you can see that the area being examined is quite small. When I pulled the file up, the magnification was over 700%. I don't expect a PDF-Writer file to look accurate at that magnification.

Curious, I made a test file with a series of 10 mil tracks, about space 19 mils center-to-center. Not that it matters, the tracks were 171 mils long. If the PDF resolution is set at 300 dpi, I'd expect to see some aliasing, and, sure enough, the print had serious irregularity in the apparent track spacings. The output scale was set at 100%, however, i.e., 1.000.

When I set the output scale to 10.000 and viewed the output file, it looked perfect, even at high magnification.

So if you are going to use a PDF file, written by PDF writer, and you want to be able to examine fine-scale features, where a grid of 3.33 mils (i.e., 300 dpi) would be a problem, as it will be with most circuit board detail, be sure that the output scale is appropriate to give you output that is not visibly distorted by grid effects.

I'd expect that Distiller might have a similar problem, but it might have been set differently. It's also possible that Distiller can generate vector files that Acrobat can read, but that's pure speculation.

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