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> I've been called twice with same nonsense

Duane, Harry

Its not nonsense, its for real. 

I was made the same offer from the UK VAR but was informed that the
maintenance cover WAS optional, it covered major releases and 'priority'
telephone support. SP, add-ons would always be free for current major
release only.

But, my understanding, is that it is very misunderstood. After all the
backlash against ATS it is still actually around in principle under a
different name & guise and now 'optional'. 

I brought this up around April this year on this list, but it seems that
no-one had an issue with this at the time, and quite OK about it, unlike
the ATS revolt. 

I tried to push for an official comment from Altium but none was
forthcoming, all communication was via the VAR.

To the UK VARs credit (thanks, I know she monitors this list), they did
assure me that they would offer technical support (inc telephone) for
the product to the best of their ability regardless of my choice to
accept or decline the Altium maintenance option. This may differ from
other VARS in other countries.

The Uk VAR was even prepared to supply a slide detailing how they deal
worked & how they would be prepared to 'fill the breach' left for
telephone support if I 'opted out' from the Altium maintenance offer.
You can download the slide (looks like an Altium slide branded with the
VARs name) from http://www.proteluser.com/download/ and the file is
called 'Protel DXP maintenance policy slide.zip' as it explains the

But, the slide is a little obtuse in the way it was worded and pitched,
to the point that if no verbal backup conversation accompanied it, or it
was not interpreted correctly, it could be read either as an offer to
customers wanting to have a 'flat' annual cost of ownership model (some
people do), or by EXCLUDING priority telephone support from Altiums
obligations, implying something a little more sinister.....

The fact that DXP is over a year old now and still being shaken down, in
some respects not lived up to its hype and customers expectations, does
not help. 

Perhaps that is what has been pitched incorrectly to you by your own
VAR. I had exactly the same initial reaction as Harry, it was made worse
by the fact I could find NO official policy on any Altium web site about
this at the time (paranoia) to match up with the VARs offer. I still
cannot find any.

But at least the UK VAR did not avoid the issue, and took the time to
suppress my fears and explain it better, even after I had already said I
was unwilling to upgrade any of my other P99SE seats to DXP as I did not
consider it a good commercial risk to use yet, over 99SE.

As most people will have had their DXP copy for around a year now I
guess this issue will crop up more, in different flavours, perhaps some
additions to the FAQ or a statement on Altiums own sites on this policy
would clear the air in advance.

Best Regards

John A. Ross

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I just got off the phone after an interesting call from Altium (San

A young man called to tell me, "your Protel license is expiring next 
month".  He went on to ask if I wanted to renew.

Since I am under the impression that a Protel license is not a
deal, my composure slipped somewhat.  I told him that I thought Altium
cancelled the yearly fee nonsense last year.  I further told him that
was still not a stable, mature, product, and we couldn't trust it for a
project just yet.  Even if there were a yearly fee, I wouldn't spend it
a program I couldn't completely trust to be as good and as stable as the

previous version.

He "looked up my record", and decided that I had received a one year 
complementary service agreement with DXP, and that was what I could pay
renew if I wished.  He said it included phone help and any new releases
Protel that might come out within the service agreement period.  I
his generous offer.

Good grief!!  I hope they have a training program planned for their

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