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Duane, Harry

Its not nonsense, its for real.

I was made the same offer from the UK VAR but was informed that the
maintenance cover WAS optional, it covered major releases and 'priority'
telephone support. SP, add-ons would always be free for current major
release only.

But, my understanding, is that it is very misunderstood. After all the
backlash against ATS it is still actually around in principle under a
different name & guise and now 'optional'.

I brought this up around April this year on this list, but it seems that
no-one had an issue with this at the time, and quite OK about it, unlike
the ATS revolt.
John A. Ross

John -

The phrase from the salesman that peaked my attention, and raised my hackles, was "your license is about to expire". There is no annual license requirement for Protel. Regarding ATS, below is the message that was sent to me from Altium on 26 September 2002 - it is consistent with the slide that you reference in your posting:

Quote -
As a result of listening to extensive customer feedback, we would like to inform you that the Altium Total Support (ATS) maintenance program has been discontinued, and all published Service Packs for Protel products will be made freely available to all Protel customers.

We have taken this step to reaffirm the core values of our company - that of providing easy access for all engineers, designers and developers to the best possible design technologies - and to preserve the key benefits and advantages that you have enjoyed as a Protel designer.

Service packs not only address issues with the software, they also include enhanced features and functionality, ensuring you get the most out of your Protel design system. Forcing customers to pay for product fixes and technology updates does not fit with the spirit in which Altium was founded, nor is it in harmony with the Protel product development philosophy.

Options will be available for Protel customers that wish to have direct phone support and/or to annualize the cost of upgrades. The availability of these options will not disadvantage customers who wish to maintain their products on an upgrade-by-upgrade basis. All current ATS members will continue to receive all benefits entitled to them. If you would like any further information on these changes, please don't hesitate to contact your local Altium Sales and Support Center.

A press release regarding the changes is available at For information on the latest Protel service packs available for download visit:

If you would like more product information on Protel or would like to download the Protel DXP Trial Version visit

Best regards,

Phil Loughhead
Protel Product Manager
Altium Limited

- End Quote

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