this has tortured us from time to time but not lately

we are also running W2K SP2
(BTW, you can patch up SP2 to latest security w/o upgrading past SP2)
* see footnote

i have never seen a clear cause or solution stated here
i don't think it is something in your file

it has something to do with MDAC stuff and/or some interaction 
w/ memory timing (see next)

have you changed your hardware lately?
i solved the problem (which was severe) completely 
by 'just' buying a new computer - even though the computer being 
replaced was itself new

you could go down the install reinstall route
if you do, search these archives for the COMPLETE uninstall procedure
it got refined and does make a difference

Dennis Saputelli

2 of the security updates for WIN2K are related to MDAC
we have had so much trouble in this regard that i was very nervous about
installing those
but lately i have installed one of them (sorry can't remember the
and so far so good w/ SE
later i will try the other and report here

Dennis Saputelli

> I have from time to time encountered a database which hangs Protel upon
> attempting to do a compact. I vaguely recall having fixed at least one such
> database by turning off the automatic compact on closing, closing the database, and
> then manually compacting that particular database - and then everything was
> fine from then on.
> I now have a small database (only a single schematic sheet entered thus far)
> which refuses to compact, whether done automatically at closing, or done
> manually. There's nothing unusual about the design; it's thus far a single
> schematic sheet, B size, and not particularly dense, a few dozen parts placed and
> wired thus far. A few of those parts are newly created in my personal library, but
> there shouldn't be anything I could do in creating a part that should hang
> the program. After I work in the schematic for a while, I start getting access
> violations, and eventually have to shut down - but Protel hangs in the process
> of shutting down (because automatic compact is turned on).
> I'll probably have to jump thru some hoops with moving the schematic to a
> clean, new database via the clipboard, but I'd sure like to know what is the
> trigger that brings this problem to the surface. Running 99SE SP6 (wish it was
> SP7) under W2K SP2. I refuse to load the later "service packs" because they bring
> nothing new to the party except Sweet Old Bill's spyware. Any thoughts?
> Steve Hendrix

Dennis Saputelli

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