Memory and buggishness is what make me loathe Protel,i might not end up confirmed with 
my 5 months old job because my superior is just a Protel nationalist and anti OrCAD 
even thought it helped me well and fast in finishing my job with its auto route,such 
is then mentality of some in my case.


Jon Elson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>I just ran into a new problem in P99SE (SP6) using the VHDL netlist feature
>that I didn't even know was there until recently.  If you have a multi-sheet
>schematic, and try to get the VHDL for each sheet separately, the first 
>works, but then when you try to generate the netlist for the 2nd sheet, 
>goes off into never-never land, eats up all the virtual memory, and 
>generates a file with 64000 lines that say Line=000123, etc. numbering all
>the lines, and then the VHDL is at the end of that.  If you completely close
>Protel and restart, it works fine, for one sheet only.
>I can't do all the sheets in the project at once, because of the 
>horrible way
>Protel doesn't handle hierarchical shematics.  And, I don't want to flatten
>sheets that have 16 references to sub-sheets.
>It is really a pain to have to shut down Protel every time you want to 
>edit a
>sheet and generate a new netlist.  Does anyone have any idea why this is
>happening, and anything to make it work right?  It seems like I didn't
>have this problem a few days ago, and then it started happening 
>at first.  It seems Protel tries to read some other file, and combine the
>contents of that with the VHDL file it is creating.
>Thanks for any thoughts on this,

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