Ian and the group,

Ok, I have waited for the dust to settle on this one before asking what
may appear to some to be a simple question, but before I do, I need to
explain a few things.

First, I am "color blind". Not totally, as some might think, since I can
see and distinguish most, if not all colors, but the type of color
blindness that I have has to do more with shade distinction, and
distinguishing certain colors from one another. The standard question
that I get is "how do you know what color the traffic light is?", and
that is not the problem, since I can tell that red is red, and green is
green, and yellow is yellow, etc., quite nicely. The problem that I have
is telling certain shades of green from certain shades of brown, which
sometimes I cannot distinguish very well at all, especially in low light
conditions. I also have a problem with some other combinations of colors
when there is not too much contrast in the colors, such a yellow lines
or letters on a white background.

Anyway, with that as a background, I have always preferred the Protel 98
"Classic" color scheme, as opposed to the "Delivered" (I am avoiding the
use of the word "Default" here (even though that is what Protel calls
it)) Protel 99 SE color scheme.

I remember back in July of 01 when I first started at Optical Crossing
and they bought me a brand new seat of P99SE which I installed on a
brand new Dell 4100, after I installed the new copy of Protel, I changed
the colors to suit my tastes (Tools > Preferences > Colors > Classic
Colors, plus a few other changes). Some time after this (and after the
"mouse wars" with Protel NA), but before joining this forum, I began
playing around with the layer drawing order, under Tools > Preferences >
Display, and at some point in time I did in fact Hit the "Default"
Button under that "Dialogue", and yes, strange things did happen.

Ok, now we are up to date with 2 exceptions.

1. The Super Wazoo 19 inch Dell Monitor I had at work there at OC used
to have a brilliant white background that hurt my eyes, especially at
high resolution where it had limited scan rates available which were not
too compatible with the bright fluorescent lights in the large room that
I had to share with many other people before we moved and I got my own
large office with appropriate filters and "grilles" on the lights. As a
result, I had to avoid white, and select several contrasting colors so
that I could see and distinguish with my "color visual limitations".

2. When I bought my own copy of Protel 99 SE / DXP, and installed it
here at home where adjustable incandescent lighting and an IBM 19 inch
Monitor, I never seemed to have the problems that I had with the Monitor
at work, and low and behold, I just checked and found that after a year
and a half, I still have the basic "Delivered" color scheme on my system
here (not the "Classic Colors").

Ok, so that brings us up to the present.

With all of that said, I have read all of the posts to this thread very
carefully, and I am still lost as to the meaning of the following:

> >>Do NOT press this button in 99 SE !!!
> >>

I believe that here we are speaking about the "Default" Button under the
"Layer Drawing Order" Button on the "Display" Tab, and not the "Default
Color" Button on the "Colors" Tab (at least that was what I was
originally talking about).

> >>Pressing this button rewrites the configurations files back to
Protel 98
> >>and will permanently set your layer capabilities back to the same
> >>era.  You will have to either re-install or copy a section from a
> >>file to get them back.  Not sure what all effect this has, but I do
> >>that it will get rid of alot of mech layers.
> >

I do not understand just what is meant by that first sentence above
here, but I think that it may mean a lot more than just changing the
colors  to the "Classic Colors" scheme as I did on my machine at Optical
Crossing. Can someone elaborate on just what exactly we are talking
about here.

I know that at some time on my OC system, I appeared to have lost the
ability to alter the color of the "Connections" (if I ever had that
ability), and I even seem to have lost that ability on my home
installation too, although I do not remember having ever hit the
"Default" Button on this system.

Ian, You are probably the best one to explain this all, and also clarify
why I would need to do something with the data you have provided below,
and how I can tell whether or not I need to do anything at all.

One final caveat: If I actually did alter something on my OC system
other than just the colors of my ADVPCB99SE.ini file, would this account
for some of the bizarre crashes that I and some others have been having
all of these years that are still otherwise unexplained?



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> On 08:44 AM 9/10/2003, Ian Wilson said:
> >On 08:05 AM 9/10/2003, Frank Gilley said:
> >>Jami and all...
> >>
> >> >Once you are finished doing whatever it is that you want to do,
and you
> >> >want to set the display drawing order back to normal, just return
to the
> >> >same dialog box and use the "Default" button, and everything will
be set
> >> >back to normal.
> >>
> >>NO!!
> >>
> >>Do NOT press this button in 99 SE !!!
> >>
> >>Pressing this button rewrites the configurations files back to
Protel 98
> >>and will permanently set your layer capabilities back to the same
> >>era.  You will have to either re-install or copy a section from a
> >>file to get them back.  Not sure what all effect this has, but I do
> >>that it will get rid of alot of mech layers.
> >
> >It is easy enough to rewrite the relevant section of the appropriate
> >file to get the layers back but it is certainly irritating.  No need
> >re-install. I haven't got the details of the ini file and the setting
> >hand but it should be on the archive somewhere.
> Here are the details:
> Copy and paste the following entries over the existing entries in the
> ADVPCB99SE.ini file which is located in the Windows installation
> LayerDrawingOrder0=74
> LayerDrawingOrder1=33
> LayerDrawingOrder2=34
> LayerDrawingOrder3=75
> LayerDrawingOrder4=0
> LayerDrawingOrder5=1
> LayerDrawingOrder6=2
> LayerDrawingOrder7=3
> LayerDrawingOrder8=4
> LayerDrawingOrder9=5
> LayerDrawingOrder10=6
> LayerDrawingOrder11=7
> LayerDrawingOrder12=8
> LayerDrawingOrder13=9
> LayerDrawingOrder14=10
> LayerDrawingOrder15=11
> LayerDrawingOrder16=12
> LayerDrawingOrder17=13
> LayerDrawingOrder18=14
> LayerDrawingOrder19=15
> LayerDrawingOrder20=16
> LayerDrawingOrder21=17
> LayerDrawingOrder22=18
> LayerDrawingOrder23=19
> LayerDrawingOrder24=20
> LayerDrawingOrder25=21
> LayerDrawingOrder26=22
> LayerDrawingOrder27=23
> LayerDrawingOrder28=24
> LayerDrawingOrder29=25
> LayerDrawingOrder30=26
> LayerDrawingOrder31=27
> LayerDrawingOrder32=28
> LayerDrawingOrder33=29
> LayerDrawingOrder34=30
> LayerDrawingOrder35=31
> LayerDrawingOrder36=32
> LayerDrawingOrder37=35
> LayerDrawingOrder38=36
> LayerDrawingOrder39=37
> LayerDrawingOrder40=38
> LayerDrawingOrder41=39
> LayerDrawingOrder42=40
> LayerDrawingOrder43=41
> LayerDrawingOrder44=42
> LayerDrawingOrder45=43
> LayerDrawingOrder46=44
> LayerDrawingOrder47=45
> LayerDrawingOrder48=46
> LayerDrawingOrder49=47
> LayerDrawingOrder50=48
> LayerDrawingOrder51=49
> LayerDrawingOrder52=50
> LayerDrawingOrder53=51
> LayerDrawingOrder54=52
> LayerDrawingOrder55=53
> LayerDrawingOrder56=54
> LayerDrawingOrder57=55
> LayerDrawingOrder58=56
> LayerDrawingOrder59=57
> LayerDrawingOrder60=58
> LayerDrawingOrder61=59
> LayerDrawingOrder62=60
> LayerDrawingOrder63=61
> LayerDrawingOrder64=62
> LayerDrawingOrder65=63
> LayerDrawingOrder66=64
> LayerDrawingOrder67=65
> LayerDrawingOrder68=66
> LayerDrawingOrder69=67
> LayerDrawingOrder70=68
> LayerDrawingOrder71=69
> LayerDrawingOrder72=70
> LayerDrawingOrder73=71
> LayerDrawingOrder74=72
> LayerDrawingOrder75=73
> LayerDrawingOrder76=79
> LayerDrawingOrder77=76
> LayerDrawingOrder78=76
> LayerDrawingOrder79=76
> LayerDrawingOrder80=76
> LayerDrawingOrder81=76
> LayerDrawingOrder82=76

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