Well, first answer would be get another CAD system, I know Expedition
can handle this no problem, just like you want it, however you may not like
the price.
But back to Protel. There are two possibilities that I know of in this tool.
They are;
linking to a database with all the particular individual part data.
(which I have never tried so do not know all the issues that
could cause you any problems with that approach) but I don't think
that would let you pick from a list you would still need to identify
what part data you want with what symbol, but again not sure never used it,
but you may want to look into it.

Or, you really need to make a symbol for every part in your
company system in one Master Library and place them accordingly on schematic
to then have all appropriate data for each part.

Other cad systems allow you to make ONE graphic set
(with rotations/mirrors) for a resistor symbol,
then a parts database defines to system what symbol etc to use for a
particular part.
It also allows user to place by 3 different naming/numbering schemes.
You can set up Internal Part Number, Generic Part Number, and Name
as a means of identifying a part. If you do not know the internal part
number but know you want a 1K 5% res you would be able to see
all of those in lib to choose from ie 0603,0805,1206 etc.

The database link option in Protel acccomplish this for you, but from what I
heard here there are issues whit that, but again haven't tried it. I would
have to
believe also it is no were near as easily implemented as the higher end

Bob Wolfe

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I'll try and keep this short and simple.
We have a stock of components that we regularly use (ie a selection of
resistors, selection of capacitors etc). When generating a schematic we
would use RESISTOR and CAPACITOR for the component symbol and edit the
component details. The problem here is that unless you define very rigid
standards, one user might enter a value of 100nF whilst the nest user
(wanting to use the same component) might enter 0.1uF. This makes the BOM
messy as we now have two items for the same component.
Is there anyway with Protel 99SE (which we are using now) or Protel DXP
(which we are migrating to) of being able to select, for example, RESISTOR
from the schematic library and then have a list of all the resistors we
stock popup for us to choose from?
Another reason for doing this is that our boards are made out-of-house and
for the BOM we need to include their part# which, again, is difficult to
remember and, AFAIK, not able to be held in Protel.

Best Regards
Laurie Biddulph

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