thanks Ian,

what about project groups? I woould think a project group is a group of projects, is there anything more to it?

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On 07:51 AM 18/11/2003, Protel Hell said:
Hi all,

I am having a tough time understanding the structure of data in Protel DXP. Seems they always make this stuff more complicated than it needs to be. (they being the software developers) OK there is a project, under the project there is a schematic and a PCB, there should be libraries of schematic symbols and footprints in the project, it should be easy to add and remove these symbols and footprints from the libraies. So how do you do it? Is there an ASCII file that can be editted like in ViewDraw (which seems to have a similar project concept)? Can you take an axisting project and delete what you don't want in there, add what you want, and then save it to a new project (the simplest way i found to manage ViewDraw, the auto BS is just too cumbersome)?

Libraries that are part of a project are (usually) libraries that you are busy editing (adding and changing footprints and symbols). Libraries that are stable and you only need them to place footprints and symbols from can be "installed" in the Libraries panel.

Many projects will not include any libraries on the Project panel - all the necessary libraries would be installed in the Libraries panel. Open the Libraries panel and click on the Installed tab and then click on the Libraries... button to add or remove libraries.


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