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> Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 3:34 PM
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> Subject: Re: [dxp] Grouping parts to form Parent part
> John,
> Isn't there already a 'grouping' function in DXP? I thought 
> it was under "Tools/Convert/Create Union From Selected 
> Components". I've never had a reason to use it, but you might 
> give it a try and see if it's close to what you're asking for.


Many thanks, nice one.

I had not even noticed it. I'll dig out the docs later and read some now I
know what to search for  :-) In fact I found the same menu items in 99SE as
well (embarrassed now)

I tried it out, and its most of the way there. But it will only do
components, so free pads etc are out, they cannot even be added to the
'union'. Its not always convenient to make a component for a mounting hole.

It is also possible to clear all unions globally, which restricts it a
little, as this could be prone to accidental deletion of the union, which in
the case of a connector array, made to match an enclosure aperture, could
end up spoiling a lot of work.

But if we could have it tweaked so that it could be assigned as a parameter
UnionId=x, where x is the group it belongs to, these would need to be
manually removed so would be a bit more secure and less prone to accidental
deletion. It may even be able to pass this parameter from the SCH where the
parts association may be better visualised.

I'm actually off to dig around the menus to see what else is hiding in
there, that's not very well documented.

Sometimes best hiding place is in plain sight.

Any more gems like that, keep 'em coming.


> Craig Wiper
> Healdsburg, CA
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> From:         John A. Ross [Design] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 4:02 AM
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> Subject:      [dxp] Grouping parts to form Parent part
> Hi
> After following a thread on the PEDA list I was wondering if 
> an additional feature would be considered by Altium at this 
> stage as an enhancement to the PCB editor. I had never really 
> thought about this until now. I have kept the request as 
> simple as I can, as I think any added belle and whistles 
> would just make a simple thing difficult.
> The basic idea would be to have a parameter added to parts 
> placed on the PCB to be 'grouped' and effectively locked 
> together in the same way most graphics / office applications 
> can group items (say GroupID=x for sake of giving it a name). 
> No need to run queries, selection of anything difficult on a 
> per operation basis, just a group.
> Any items picked up or selected from the PCB workspace 
> (parts, pads etc) included in GroupID=x would automatically 
> be treated as part of a 'parent' part and also moved (like an 
> invisible, permanent selection although that might be bad 
> terminology).
> Of course this can be done by selection as well, on an 
> individual basis, but this is not efficient when making the 
> first placement of a new board. But if the parts, retaining 
> their individual boundary box properties, were always 
> 'locked' (grouped) together, instead of just primitives 
> belonging to a single library part with a large boundary 
> area, then it would be possible to make up a larger 'parent 
> part' with fixed mechanical offsets for the objects grouped 
> in it, like the mounting holes and connectors for 
> daughter/main board assemblies and still be able to make 
> proper use of clearance and DRC rules for the individual parts. 
> The 'group' selection would effectively be invisible to the 
> DRC system, as DRC / rules, would be applied only to the 
> individual parts in the 'group' as they would normally.
> This could be seen as an enhancement as any 'group' parts 
> would always be moved by the same amount and you can be sure 
> the rest of the parts will be in the right place.
> The ability to group, instead of keeping a library part, 
> avoids the issues of placing/selecting/moving/focussing on 
> other parts primitives placed within the 'boundary box' area 
> of the larger part under the 'daughter' board area (large 
> part)  and still be able to make proper use of clearance and 
> DRC rules as the parts themselves, within the group exist 
> still, as only individual objects in the database, so rules 
> are applied directly to them as normal.
> Sorry for any repetitiveness above, but its one of those 
> things that is easier to show, than describe, but you know 
> what I mean, hopefully ;-)
> Best Regards
> John A. Ross
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