Hi Mike,

Not sure why, but I didn't get the email below the Tony
has replied to.

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> > There are a few other annoyances in DXP/2004 such as 
> > ...renumbering multiple pins on a library part.  Earlier 
> > versions of Protel would default the tab on
> > the number.  This one defaults to the hole size which is a 
> pain.    In
> > version 2.8 the default was the last one you used.  I really 
> > miss that because I could set up whether I was editing holes, 
> > pad size, or pin number
> > by the way I closed the edit menu.    That was really cool.     

Not sure what dialogs you are referring to here Mike, but just
checking 2.8 and the Pad dialog defaults to hole size every
time..  What I miss from the 2.8 days are all the selective
edit menus, you use to edit a pad with E P, for Edit Pad, same
for Edit Text, Edit Track etc.. was very easy to get the right
object without the (slow me down) pick lists that you get now.
You can get the menus back, by making them yourself, only with
every new version of Protel you have to make them all over again

> > I keep the inspector locked in my pcb panel all of the time, 
> > I wish I could
> > delete the silly ass little board inside my pcb panel.   It 
> > is occupying
> > valuable space that I need to use for other more important 
> > information.
You can size the PCB board window by dragging the size, I just 
did it right down to the point where it disappears, yike, now
I can't get it back ..

> > Actually I would like to customize the pcb panel and  remove 
> > all of the ACCEL like (useless)  information.  I have never 
> > seen more useless information presented in multiple formats 
> > as it is in ACCEL/PCAD....DXP/2004 program is approaching 
> > PCAD with allot of useless information in  the panels and 
> > other dialogs.  For example I have to filter all of that and 
> > the silly graphics  just to edit one co-ordinate.  The text 
> > edit is really silly looking because it come up at a weird 
> > angle.  My eyes are not adjusted to read 45 degree text.  It 
> > is overkill

Agree, they have made it very hard to see the editable objects,
just slows down advanced users... dam stupid, beginners may learn
a little faster, in there first few months and then be slowed
down for the next 20 years, make no sense at all. One of Protel's
great features was it was easy and FAST, don't take them both

> > The other thing I want setup is custom layer sets which I 
> > haven't figured out yet.  I had 99 set up really slick with 
> > short cut keys to all signal layer, all planes, placement 
> > layers, etc.   Anyone offering help in this department?
> > Tech support sent me link to learn programming.....I m not
> > sure that is the correct answer.

I have toggle layer buttons in DXP, yet to move them across to
2004 yet, will do so soon. See the yahoo groups web site for
more info, there is info how to do it for 99, I will update
it in the future, it has changed a little with DXP.


> > OK Ian you are partially correct, Tony was 100 percent 
> > correct when he outlined the view class method two days ago. 
> > You are partially correct when you said there was nothing 
> > that takes more step in DXP. I did not agree with you solution.

Every time Altium have come out with a new version it takes a 
while to get to like it, most people over time once they learn
the new way wouldn't go back to the old. They over all do the 
right thing with changes, but that's not to say there aren't a
few bits that just don't work. The users in the beta program get
to throw there 2 cents in and many changes are made, 2004 has
many of the users requests in it, from the emails list as well.

Darren Moore

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