At 12:51 PM 4/10/2004, Christopher Coley wrote:
I am getting fairly fed up with all this negativism towards Altium.

With all due respect, if the negativism is leading to digestive disturbances, the sensible thing is to stop reading the thread which is clearly, on the face, about alternatives to Altium and thus invites, among other things, negative comment....

If instead of all the griping here you were to send clear E-Mails to Altium
(Not spam them!) but clear E-Mails that describe the problem and how to
replicate it I am sure they will do something.  In other words the griping
is getting you anywhere.

Nowhere, I think Mr. Coley intended to write.

Many of the issues which underly the gripes have been described extensively here and on the DXP list. Both lists are read by Altium personnel. If there is an Altium policy that, to consider a suggestion for improvement or a bug report (that is easily reproducible), it must be sent directly to them, well, the policy should be changed immediately. Users talk with each other about usage issues, and for Altium to be able to eavesdrop on that conversation (and to participate in it on the DXP list) is a business opportunity.

Some users don't seem to know how to engage in constructive criticism, and, to be fair, some may be frustrated in that their efforts at such criticism seem to have been ignored. Altium, compared to many other companies, has made great strides in being able to engage in open communication with its customers, but there is still far to go, much more that could be done. Compared to many other companies, I'd give them an A or a B. Compared to what could be done, a D. Most companies would flunk completely....

Now, is this relevant to user support. I claim that it is. The consideration of a move to a competing product *is* a user issue. This list is not an Altium list, it is a Protel EDA *user* list. Support (i.e., questions about how I can do this or that) is an important aspect of this list, but user needs are not limited to that, and there is no better place to discuss alternatives to Protel. "Within broad list definitions" and "No better place" is my basic standard of relevance...

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