Del Mar Electronics Show, April 28 and 29, Del Mar Racetrack, San Diego, CA


Local Fellow Protel Users,

For the 3rd year in a row, thanks to the Del Mar Electronics Show
management, and Doug Bogenstab, we are proud to be hosting a IPC Designers
Council Booth along with Palomar College at Del Mar Racetrack in the Bing
Crosby Hall. Make sure to visit the show and stop by our booth to say
'Hello' to your fellow IPC Designers Council members and friends. We will be
there promoting PCB Design and Design related training to all the visitors
at the show.

This year promises to be a bigger show with more vendors that are targeted
at the San Diego Electronics industry and some great presentations and free
workshops. We look forward to seeing you there.

Local IPC DC Members who would like to volunteer to help out in the booth
for a couple
hours during the show should RSVP to me so I can get you on the list. It has
been a great time for those who have helped in the past and we always see
someone we have not seen for some time... It's great to make those
connections with old friends and new ones too! So volunteer to help out and
get more out of the show than you ever have before.

There will be a traditional social mixer/party at the show from 5:00PM to
7:00PM on Wednesday the 28th which is sure to get people talking and
networking again. Vendors will be handing out drink tickets to visitors at
many of the booths, so you will want to visit them all. There is always very
good food and it's free to their guests at the show as a way of saying
thanks for coming. <> 

San Diego IPC Designers Council Membership: If you renew your IPC DC
membership at
the show or bring a new member in we will have a small gift for you at the

Also don't forget we have our next meeting coming up on Tuesday May 25th,
2004 - "Caution! - High Speed Zone Ahead!" By David Hoover of Multek, Inc.
won't want to miss this one! Make sure to RSVP!

Directions to the Del Mar Electronics Show:

Best Regards,

Bill Brooks, CID, CII
Communications Officer, SD IPCDC

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