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Subject: Re: [PEDA] Short between two split plane areas
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 17:32:08 -0700 (PDT)

Issue: Short where two split planes come together over a pad that is to be connected to

One of the planes.

Condition: Protel 99Se, DXP and 2004 Cad systems automatically places a connection (direct connect in this case) or a clearance pad to a hole if the pad/hole falls with the defined area of the split plane and depending upon the net name associated to the pad and the net name associated to the split plane region or area being defined.

Situation: I ran a separation trace defining the split plane area over a pad that should have been connected to one side and cleared from the other. Protel s 99SE program did as it is programmed to do, in that it placed a connection thermal or direct connect at that pad location which was also connected to the adjacent plane area at the same hole.

Cause: Protel does not have a Design rule check that measures hole edge to copper which are the two features that need to be measured or tested to prevent this from happening in the future programmatically. The automatic placement of a connection or clearance to a pad is determined based upon the exact X,Y location of the center line of the separation trace with respect to the center of the hole/pad in question.

What solution and or work around does anyone suggest..

When will Protel add the test to check for hole edge to copper edge or plane edge

during a DRC.?

Thanks in advance

Samuel C. Cox Jr.

Cad Manger

Dawn VME Products

47915 Westinghouse Dr.

Fremont, Calif. 94539


Samuel C. Cox Jr. 6902 Serenity Court San Jose, California 95120 (408) 268-9779 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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