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Last Reminder - 


The meeting is Tonight!  This is it... don't forget the seminar on Embedded
Passives is at Overland Storage tonight at 5:30PM to 9:00PM. Get there


You won't want to be late. This is a different format than we have done in
the past. The meeting is earlier to allow for the 3 hour seminar. We will
have food and refreshments at the mid break... and coffee and dessert - so
Don't eat before you come... we will have plenty of food, courtesy of


We ordered extra food so don't hesitate to bring a friend... take advantage
of this great opportunity to get the inside track on adding embedded
resistors and caps and other passive devices to your boards. Save space on
that next tight high volume board design, be able to show the engineers how
they can do it, what the pro's and con's are, and how they can make your
design a success!


We look forward to seeing you there.


Best regards,

Bill Brooks
PCB Design Engineer , C.I.D., C.I.I.
Tel: (760)597-1500 Ext 3772 Fax: (760)597-1510

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Subject: FW: SDDC Meeting Announcement July 6th, 2004 - Embedded Passives

 SDDC Meeting Announcement July 6th, 2004 - Embedded Passives



San Diego Chapter of the IPC Designers Council is pleased to present the


Tuesday July 6th, 2004 @ 5:30PM

Richard Snogren





Learn How to Embed Resistors and Capacitors in Your Printed Circuit Boards


"While CAD tool providers are working on tool solutions, there is an interim
gap. This gap can be easily bridged by a manual process within existing CAD
tools. This course will teach the participants how to design discrete
capacitors and resistors with commercially available materials that can be
readily embedded into the PCB by the board manufacturer.

The 3 hour course includes a review of available embedded passive resistor
and capacitor materials and their related manufacturing processes. It will
also provide an association of design rules and manufacturing processes. The
primary focus of the course is to provide "how to" guidelines for PCB
designers to implement embedded passives now. It includes a technology
selection process, how to create parts, how to embed them and how to bridge
the design tool gap."

About Richard Snogren:

Richard Snogren has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and biology
and over thirty-five years experience in engineering and management.  During
that period, Richard developed and patented ablative materials for military
and aerospace use; authored numerous papers and articles on structural and
dielectric materials for electronic applications; and wrote a compressive
technical book entitled "Handbook of Surface Preparation for Adhesion".  


Richard is also a member and active participant in the Advanced Embedded
Passives Technology (AEPT) research consortium, funded by the US government.
He has researched and developed processes for embedding ceramic thick-film
materials into organic PCB substrates.  He has authored numerous papers and
conducted many workshops on embedded passive technology.


Snogren was co-founder and president of SAS Circuits (now Coretec Denver) a
respected supplier to the aerospace and defense sectors of the PCB industry.
Currently Richard is senior staff engineer for Coretec Inc., an
Interconnection Manufacturing Service (IMS) provider.  His responsibilities
include implementation of embedded passives, as well as high reliability
aerospace product development.

Some comments from former attendees:

"Your presentation was very helpful for me to understand the current
embedded-passive technology... I'd like to share my learning experience with
my colleagues." - Changsup Ryu, Principal Engineer/ Ph.D., SAMSUNG

"I very much enjoyed the workshop you presented...It was very informative
and provided me with a good foundation for this emerging technology... Once
again thank you for your presentation." - Gregory Phipps - Design Manager,
Advanced Interconnect Technologies, Inc.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!! This meeting is a 'must not miss' chance for you to
get all of the detailed information on how to conquer the space limitations
of that next design with embedded passives! This complimentary course is
being presented by CORETEC  and your IPC Designers Council Chapter as part
of their continuing educational outreach to designers and engineers. Don't
miss this opportunity. 

Meeting Agenda: 

5:30PM  -  Announcements and introduction 

5:40PM - A Course on Embedded Passives - Richard Snogren 

7:00PM  - Break with refreshments 

8:50PM - Questions and Answers 

9:00PM - Adjourn 


Hosted by the San Diego Chapter of the IPC Designers Council 


This event will be held at:


Overland Storage

4820 Overland Avenue                                            

San Diego, California 92123                                     






>From Los Angeles:                                               


 From the 5 Fwy south, take the 805 Fwy South exit on the left.  

 Approximately 6 miles later, exit at the Clairemont Mesa Blvd.  

 West/Clairemont Mesa Blvd. East exit. Go East. Turn right onto  

 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Turn right onto Overland Avenue. Overland 

 Storage is located on the right side of Overland Avenue.  


>From the Border on I-5 North:                                   


 From the 5 Fwy North, take the 15 Fwy North exit towards        

 Riverside for approx. 3 miles. Then take the 805 Fwy North exit 

 towards Los Angeles. Turn a slight left at the intersection of  

 I-8 East/I-8 West ramp to stay on the 805 Fwy North. Take the   

 163 Fwy North towards Escondido. Exit at the Clairemont Mesa    

 Blvd. West/Clairemont Mesa Blvd. East exit. Go East. Keep right 

 at the fork in the ramp. Turn right onto Clairemont Mesa Blvd.  

 Turn right onto Overland Avenue. Overland Storage is located on    

 the right side of Overland Avenue.                              


 From I-15 going South:                                          


 Take the Clairemont Mesa Blvd. exit and turn right onto         

 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Turn left onto Overland Avenue. 

 Overland Storage is located on the right side of Overland Avenue.

 RSVP to  <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]  by Monday, July
5th, 2004.  

IPC Designers Council Members will be admitted free of charge, Non-Members
will be asked to contribute a $5.00 donation at the door. Contributors will
get a $5.00 discount applied to their membership should they decide to join
the IPC Designers Council at the event.  

More information about the IPC Designers Council is available on-line at
<http://www.ipc.org/SanDiego/> http://www.ipc.org/SanDiego/  or
<http://dc.ipc.org/> http://dc.ipc.org/


Bill Brooks
PCB Design Engineer , C.I.D., C.I.I.
3030 Enterprise Court, Vista, CA 92083
Tel: (760)597-1500 Ext 3772 Fax: (760)597-1510
Member of the San Diego Chapter of the IPC Designers Council
Communications Officer, Web Manager

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