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Subject: [crp_pntcd] Can Democracy Be Saved in Romania, or Is the Country 
Heading towards an Authoritarian System?
  Can Democracy Be Saved in Romania, or Is the Country Heading towards an 
Authoritarian System? 

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    To:  international mass-media, The European Commision, human rights and 
democracy organizations, embassies in Romania, foreign affairs departments of 
the democratic states 
    Dear Sirs, 

    Romania goes through a crisis unprecedented since the 1989 alleged 
revolution, all the significant parties of the opposition rejecting the result 
of the recent parliamentary and presidential elections on grounds of massive 
fraud. There is no doubt about the fraud itself, but only about its dimensions. 
The evidence is already overwhelming. 
    Democrat leader and presidential candidate Traian Basescu, who asked the 
cancellation of Sunday's elections because of frauds, said in an interview with 
"Evenimentul zilei" that the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) is trying to 
justify a fraud of almost 450,000 votes, which had been declared null, with the 
support of the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC). 
    All media channels were blocked against the announcement of the fact that 
an electoral fraud was committed and Traian Basescu was shamelessly attacked by 
journalists and analysts. 
    The Central Electoral Bureau still has to clearly explain the apparent 
boost of the support for the leading socialist party (PSD) between the 12.00 pm 
and 17.00 pm, on November 28th, concomitantly with the mathematically 
impossible decrease of the number of cancelled votes in the exact same period 
of time. 
    Other suspicions are raised by the BEC's refuse to allow an independent 
checking of the computers and the software, so as to investigate the apparent 
error. And, instead of dealing seriously with the grave accusations of the 
opposition parties, the BEC's president criticized Traian Basescu in a 
politically partisan declaration that goes against his duty as a judge to 
remain impartial. 
    There are overwhelming proofs that numerous citizens had the possibility to 
vote several times, because the voters could cast their vote anywhere in the 
country, by simply soliciting to be registered on a supplementary list and more 
so, the only means to control whether or not one had voted was an easily 
detachable stamp glued on the identity card. Tens of buses were spotted on the 
elections day carrying voters from one village or town to another. ONGs as Pro 
Democratia and other persons have warned about these problems ever since 
October 2003, following the numerous abuses occurred during the Constitution's 
revision referendum. Members of the civic organizations were harassed by the 
governing party during and after the elections and were often offered bribe. 
    The main televisions, be they public or private, manipulated the voters by 
omission, uninforming them about the Pro Democratia Association's report and 
its withdrawal from the process of observing the elections as a desperate 
warning sign, even though these events were making headlines in the 
international press. The televisions also ignored the subject of the stenograms 
from the PSD's sessions, even though these documents (admitted as real by some 
PSD high rank members) refer to the electoral legislation and the state's 
institutions in a manner that may lead to their incorrect functioning. However, 
the total subordination of the televisions and of a large number of newspapers 
is a long-time issue in Romania, where the opposition barely had a chance to 
appear on TV, and then most often among other tendentious comments. 
    Months before the elections, the main civic organizations formed "The 
Coalition for a Clean Parliament" (CPC), which aimed to bring to the uninformed 
voters' knowledge certified facts about the moral profile of the parliamentary 
candidates. Hundreds of thousands of fake papers, allegedly signed by the CPC 
members were launches in the last two weeks of the electoral campaign and 
rumors had it they had been printed in typographies run by PSD members. The 
fake papers cut out all the original information about the numerous PSD members 
and their electoral allies whose moral profile was considered not very well 
suited to a candidate's, instead had lots of unverified information about the 
opposition members. Ms Monica Macovei, a representative of APADOR-CH 
(Association for the Defense of Human Rights in Romania - the Helsinki 
Committee) said the General Prosecutor's Office was informed through a 
complaint, yet no response has been received so far. In Ms Monica Macovei's 
opinion, this is a sign of the General Court's and the General Prosecutor Ilie 
Botos' lack of independence. 
    There were lots of other illegal facts during the electoral campaign that 
the authorities either disregarded or fully supported: 
    Original voting papers appeared in some citizen's mailboxes weeks before 
the elections. In lots of cases, the opposition banners were subject to 
destruction, while the ruling party had its banners and posters illegally 
posted right near the voting centre. Most important, president Iliescu, a 
former communist party member, defied the law when he accepted to participate 
in the electoral campaign, even though, according to art. No. 84 in the 
Romanian Constitution, the president of Romania cannot be a member of a party, 
nor can he fulfill any other public or private function. The ridiculous 
argument offered was that he joined the PSD members in their actions "in his 
spare time". More so, both president Iliescu and the ruling party offered food 
and money to several retirees, despite the fact that electoral bribery is also 
illegal in Romania. Useless to say that the police took for granted president 
Iliescu's denial of having bribed the respective voters and that no 
investigation ever started. 
    Romania is very close now from being ruled by an unrepresentative 
Parliament. A few years from now, Romania will join the European Union and will 
presumably send to the European Parliament officials who will have reached a 
leading position by fraud and constant mass manipulation. 

    Romania is worth every single effort aimed to protect and consolidate her 
democracy. We would have so much more to offer the world should honesty and 
fairness be a criterion to accede power. In a world like yours, where democracy 
is undoubtedly established, is has so often turned out that not leading others 
to freedom and justice is a sin. 
    On behalf of all the worried citizens, we are asking and urging you to 
support the Romanian civil society and to help us spread the truth about what 
is really going on here. We need your support to counteract the efforts of the 
Nastase Government to hide all this lies and infringements. We further need you 
to support an independent investigation upon the elections in Romania and not 
recognize any government resulted from the elections on November 28th until the 
results of this investigation are made public. 

Marius Mina 

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