A aparut in fine si dovada ca escrocul de Bush a furat alegerile din
2004, dupa ce le-a furat si pe cele din 2000.

Un grup de experti de prima mana americani au demonstrat in fine
statistic cum ca diferenta de 5.5% dintre rezultatele exit poll-urilor
si numaratorarea finala nu poate fi explicata decat prin frauda
sistematica. Iar dobitocul ala de Kerry a acceptat cacialmaua cu ochii
inchisi.... sa-i stea ketchup si botox-ul-n gat!

Hai sa vedem acum cat de libera e presa americana: va prelua stirea
asta beton si va investiga problema in mod serios, sau se va da la
fund ca pana acum si va devia discuta spre toate tampeniile gen
procesul lui M Jackson sau alte balarii....


Prominent Statisticians Refute 'Explanation' of 2004 U.S. Exit Poll
Discrepancies in New Edison/Mitofsky Report and Urge Investigation of
U.S. Presidential Election Results.

President Bush won November's election by 2.5% yet exit polls showed
Kerry leading by 3%.  Which was correct?

"There are statistical indications that a systematic, nationwide shift
of 5.5% of the vote may have occurred, and that we'll never get to the
bottom of this, unless we gather the data we need for mathematical
analysis and open, robust  scientific debate.", says Bruce O'Dell,
USCountVotes' Vice President.

The study, "Response to Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004
was co-authored by a diverse group of professors and academicians
specializing in statistics and mathematics. The USCountVotes team
included Josh Mitteldorf, Ph.D., Temple University Statistics
Department; Kathy Dopp, M.S. in mathematics, USCountVotes President;
Steven F. Freeman, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar & Affiliated Faculty,
Center for Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania; Brian
Joiner, Ph.D., Professor of Statistics and Director of Statistical
Consulting (ret), University of Wisconsin; Frank Stenger, Ph.D.
Professor of Numerical Analysis, School of Computing, University of
Utah; Richard G. Sheehan, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Finance,
University of Notre Dame, Elizabeth Liddle, M.A. (UK) Ph.D. candidate
at the University of Nottingham, Paul F. Velleman, Assoc. Professor,
Ph.D., Department of Statistical Sciences, Cornell University;
Victoria Lovegren, Ph.D., Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Case
Western Reserve University; Campbell B. Read, Ph.D.  Professor
Emeritus, Department of Statistical Science, Southern Methodist
University. Their study does not support claims made by Edison Media
Research and Mitofsky International that exit poll errors were to
blame for the unprecedented 5.5% discrepancy between exit polls and
official 2004 election results.

According to this analysis by a group of senior statisticians, the new
data just released by the exit-pollsters shows that the possibility
that the overall vote count was substantially corrupted must be taken
seriously. "Now we have statistical evidence that these reports
the tip of a national iceberg.  The hypothesis that the discrepancy
between the exit polls and election results is due to errors in the
official election tally is a coherent theory that must be
said statistician Josh Mitteldorf.

Their paper titled "Response to Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004
Report" notes that the Edison/Mitofsky report offers no evidence to
support their conclusion that Kerry voters "participated in the
polls at a higher rate than Bush voters".  In fact,  the data
in the Edison/Mitofsky report suggests that the opposite may have been
true: Bush strongholds had slightly higher response rates than Kerry

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