UN forces - just a bunch of thugs?
By Mark Steyn
(Filed: 15/02/2005)

It's a good basic axiom that if you take a quart of ice-cream and a quart of 
dog faeces and mix 'em together the result will taste more like the latter than 
the former. That's the problem with the UN. If you make the free nations and 
the thug states members of the same club, the danger isn't that they'll meet 
each other half-way but that the free world winds up going three-quarters, 
seven-eighths of the way. Thus the Oil-for-Fraud scandal: in the end, Saddam 
Hussein had a much shrewder understanding of the way the UN works than Bush and 
Blair did.

And, of course, corrupt organisations rarely stop at just one kind. If you 
don't want to bulk up your pension by skimming the Oil-for-Food programme, 
don't worry, whatever your bag, the UN can find somewhere that suits - in West 
Africa, it's Sex-for-Food, with aid workers demanding sexual services from 
locals as young as four; in Cambodia, it's drug dealing; in Kenya, it's the 
refugee extortion racket; in the Balkans, sex slaves.

But you get the general picture: on a UN peace mission, everyone gets his 
piece. Didier Bourguet, a UN staffer in Congo and the Central African Republic, 
enjoyed the pleasures of 12-year-old girls, and as a result is now on trial in 
France. His lawyer has said he was part of a UN paedophile network that 
transcends national boundaries.

Now how about this? The Third US Infantry Division are raping nine-year olds in 
Ramadi, Iraq. Ready, set, go! That thundering sound outside your window isn't 
the new IKEA sale, but the great herd of BBC/CNN/Independent/Guardian/New York 
Times/Le Monde/Sydney Morning Herald/Irish Times/Cork Examiner reporters 
stampeding to the Sunni Triangle. Whoa, hold up, lads, it's only hypothetical.

But think about it: the merest glimpse of a freaky West Virginia tramp leading 
an Abu Ghraib inmate around with girlie knickers on his head was enough to 
prompt calls for Rumsfeld's resignation, and for Ted Kennedy to charge that 
Saddam's torture chambers were now open "under new management", and for Robert 
Fisk to be driven into the kind of orgasmic frenzy unseen since his column on 
how much he enjoyed being beaten up by an Afghan mob: "Just look at the way US 
army reservist Lynndie England holds the leash of the naked, bearded Iraqi," 
wrote Fisk. "No sadistic movie could outdo the damage of this image. In 
September 2001, the planes smashed into the buildings; today, Lynndie smashes 
to pieces our entire morality with just one tug on the leash."

Who's straining at the leash here? Down, boy. But, if Lynndie's smashed to 
pieces our entire morality with just one tug, Bush's Zionist neocons getting it 
on with Congolese kindergarteners would have the Independent calling for US 
expulsion from the UN - no, wait, from Planet Earth: slice it off from Maine to 
Hawaii and use one of those new Euro-Airbuses to drag it out round the back of 

But systemic UN child sex in at least 50 per cent of their missions? The 
transnational morality set can barely stifle their yawns. If you're going to 
rape prepubescent girls, make sure you're wearing a blue helmet.

And at least the Pentagon put a stop to Abu Ghraib. As a UN official in Congo 
told the Telegraph yesterday: "The crux of the problem is that if the UN gets 
bolshie with these governments then they stop providing the UN with troops and 

And the problem with that is?

In Congo, the UN has now forbidden all contact between its forces and the 
natives. The rest of the world should be so lucky.

I take it from his use of "bolshie" that the quoted UN wallah is British. If 
so, that's the system in a nutshell: when a British bigwig is with British 
forces, he'll enforce British standards; when a British official is holed up 
with an impeccably "multilateral" force of Uruguayans, Tunisians, etc, he's 
more circumspect. When in Rome, do as the Visigoths do.

The child sex racket is only the most extreme example of what's wrong with the 
UN approach to the world. Developed peoples value resilience: when disaster 
strikes, you bounce back. A hurricane flattens Florida, you patch things up and 
reopen. As the New Colonial Class, the UN doesn't look at it like that: when 
disaster strikes, it just proves you and your countrymen are children who need 
to be taken under the transnational wing.

The folks that have been under the UN wing the longest - indeed, the only ones 
with their own permanent UN agency and semi-centenarian "refugee camps" - are 
the most comprehensively wrecked people on the face of the earth: the 
Palestinians. UN territories like Kosovo are the global equivalent of 
inner-city council estates with the blue helmets as local enforcers for the 
absentee slum landlord. By contrast, a couple of years after imperialist 
warmonger Bush showed up, Afghanistan and Iraq have elections, presidents and 
prime ministers.

When the tsunami hit, hundreds of thousands of people died within minutes. The 
Australians and Americans arrived within hours. The UN was unable to get to 
Banda Aceh within weeks.

Instead, the humanitarian fat cats were back in New York and Geneva holding 
press conferences warning about post-tsunami health consequences - dysentery, 
cholera, BSE from water-logged cattle, etc - that, they assured us, would kill 
as many people as the original disaster. But it never happened, any more than 
did their predictions of disaster for Iraq ("The head of the World Food 
Programme has warned that Iraq could spiral into a massive humanitarian 
disaster") or Afghanistan ("The UN Children's Fund has estimated that as many 
as 100,000 Afghan children could die of cold, disease and hunger").

It's one thing to invent humanitarian disasters to disparage Bush's 
unilateralist warmongering, but a month ago the UN was reduced to inventing a 
humanitarian disaster in order to distract attention from the existing 
humanitarian disaster it wasn't doing anything about.

All this derives from a UN culture in which the free nations have met the thug 
states so much more than half way that they now largely share the dictators' 
view of their peoples - as either helpless children who need every decision 
made for them, or a bunch of dupes whose national wealth you can reroute to 
your Swiss bank account, or a never-ending source of fresh meat. Those British 
officials trying to rationalise Oil-for-Fraud or child sex rings give the game 
away: it's not just the underage Congolese girls who get corrupted by contact 
with the UN.


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