Transcriptul conferintei de presa Bush-Basescu :-)

Presidents Bush-Basescu
Press Conference Transcript March 9, 2005 9:45 AM begins

Mr. Bush: I' like to welcome you all here and I'd like to welcome my little
friend, from-- uhhh,mmmh....

Mr. Baisescu: Rom--

Mr. Bush: Yea, that's right, Rome-- well, welcome Mr. Belusconi. I consider
you a friend. You are for freedom and want to fight consumption....I mean
corruption, that's my kind of guy, little guy. Anyway, I want to welcome you
to my ranch....What is it Condi?

Oh, I'm sorry, I mean the White House....Let me thank you on behalf of the
American people for your help nation's help ever since Saddam had Weapons of
Mass Destruction. I want to that you for all the interesting things you told
me about Moldova. Let me reassure you, if the Moldivanoids give you any
trouble, you can be sure you will no longer be alone. Just contact my friend
Vladamir. I know him well, he loves freedom. I can tell, I saw it looking in
his soul. I'm sure he'll be very glad to help bring "regime change" in
Moldova, if you want him to. So, welcome little guy.

Mr. Basescu: thank you much America going been and friend and be here, very
nice, America, America.....
everything...freedom....dollars....oil....NATO....give,have to a
people...sorry, my English.

Mr. Bush: Right, thank you too. Now, if any of you here have any questions
for me and my little friend fire away. Yes, you....

Press: Mr. President, are you still insisting on Social Security....?

Press: Mr. President, is China about to dump cheap toys on us?

Press: Mr. President, is Mr. Cheney still alive?

Press: Mr. President, is the aardvark considered an endangered species? What
are you going to do to get it to reproduce more?

Press: Mr. President, do you think Michael Jackson is guilty?

 Press: Mr. President are there Martians here and are the UFOs real?

 Mr. Bush: Now that I can say something about. We have a NASSA program going
to Mars and we will find their weapons of mass destruction. If binLaden
thinks he got away, we'll find him there. Now how about a question for my
little friend here!

 Press: Mr. President, from Romanian Television: How do you spell your name,
I need it for my broadcast?

 Bush: B-U-H-S...

Press: No, no Mr. President, I meant the other president!

 Mr. Basescu: Yes, B-A-S-E-S-C-U

 Press: O.K.

 Mr. Bush; Alright, thank you all for coming, I gotta go and my friend's
gotta catch a plane back in a few minutes. Let me again welcome you and
thank you for coming all the way from Rome, Mr. Belusconi. And remember, if
you have any trouble with those Moldovanoids, call my good friend Vladamir.

 Mr. Basescu: Do you mean Vladamir Rosca?

 Mr. Bush: Yeah, yeah....whatever. Gotta go, take it easy and I hope you
don't hit to much traffic to the airport. Thank you all, see you with the
next guy from somewhere, I'm not sure just where from....

 Press conference ends: 9:50 AM

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