LIE: "[W]e will not pass along our problems to other generations." GWB,

TRUTH : In turning a $125 billion annual budget surplus into a budget
deficit of over $400 billion-the largest in U.S. history-Bush is asking
future generations to pay for his tax cuts for millionaires. Congressional
Budget Office, 8/03. 


LIE: " We increased the child tax credit from $600 to $1,000 per child."
GWB, 11/3/03. 

TRUTH : As submitted to Congress, Bush's tax plan excluded the neediest 6.5
million low-income families. New York Times , 6/3/03. 


LIE : "Unemployment dropped today, [which] is a positive sign that the
economy is getting better." GWB, 1/9/04. 

TRUTH: The decline was due to the fact that over 300,000 people gave up even
trying to find a job. Baltimore Sun, 1/10/04. 


LIE : "My first goal economy that grows fast enough to employ
everyone." GWB, 1/28/03. 

TRUTH : Bush is the first president since Herbert Hoover under whom more
jobs were lost (2 million) than were gained. New York Times , 2/18/04. 


LIE : "My plan will reduce tax rates for everyone who pays income tax." GWB,

TRUTH : Under Bush's proposal, over 8 million taxpayers would have received
no tax cut whatsoever. Tax Policy Center, 5/30/03. 


LIE: "If you pay taxes, you ought to get relief." GWB, 2/19/04. 

TRUTH : Under Bush's three tax cuts, the poorest 20% of taxpayers receive
less than $100, while the richest 1% get over $59,000 each. Citizens for Tax
Justice, 7/03. 




LIE: "The No Child Left Behind Act is opening the door of opportunity to all
of America's children." GWB, 1/20/04. 

TRUTH: Having failed to fund this act fully, Bush left a large number of
children behind. National Education Association, 2/2/04. 




LIE: "My Clear Skies legislation will reduce smog and mercury emissions, as
well as stop acid rain." GWB, 4/22/02. 

TRUTH : Bush's plan allows the release of millions of additional tons of
mercury and acid-rain-producing sulfur dioxide per year. Natural Resources
Defense Council, 2/27/03. 


LIE : "My Administration is committed to a leadership role on the issue of
cli mate change." GWB, 6/11/01. 

TRUTH : Bush refused to abide by the Kyoto Protocol, the agreement signed by
165 nations, to combat climate change. New York Times, 3/28/01. 


LIE: " As president, I will not send nuclear waste to any proposed site
unless it's scientifically safe." GWB, 5/23/00. 

TRUTH: Bush chose Yucca Mountain, Nevada, to bury nuclear waste, even though
the State of Nevada says the site has dangerous environmental flaws. New
York Times , 2/12/02. 


LIE: "As good stewards, we must leave [our national parks] better than we
found them." GWB, 2/27/01. 

TRUTH: For $100 million in park maintenance, Bush's budget relies on visitor
fees, widely deemed to be inadequate. Congressional Quarterly Weekly,




LIE: "The states can do whatever they want about [gay marriage]." GWB,

TRUTH: Bush has now called for a constitutional amendment prohibiting states
from setting their own policies in this regard. 




LIE : "One of our priorities is making sure the health care systems are
funded." GWB, 3/1/03. 

TRUTH : Since Bush took office, 3 million more Americans have lost their
health insurance, bringing the total of uninsured Americans to over 43
million. New York Times , 1/21/04. 




LIE : "I will take every possible measure to safeguard our country." GWB,

TRUTH : The Bush Homeland Security budget is only a third of what experts
say is needed and less than half of his budget to pacify Iraq. Council on
Foreign Relations, 6/03. 


LIE: "We must uncover every detail and learn every lesson from Sept. 11."
GWB, 11/27/02. 

TRUTH: Bush opposed and later stonewalled the bipartisan independent
investigation into 9/11. Washington Post, 2/05/04. 




LIE: "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended." GWB, 5/2/03. 

TRUTH: Since Bush made that statement, over four times as many Americans
have been killed and wounded as before. Department of Defense, 4/21/04. 


LIE : "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently
sought uranium from Africa ." GWB, 1/28/03. 

TRUTH: As our CIA told the White House at the time, Hussein did not try to
obtain uranium from Africa. New York Times , 7/19/03. 


LIE: "No one can now doubt the word of America." GWB, 1/21/04. 

TRUTH : Having based the Iraq war on the threat of weapons of mass
destruction-and having found none-Bush has lost the trust of the world. 


LIE: " Iraq has trained al Qaeda in bomb making, poisons and deadly gas."
GWB, 10/7/02. 

TRUTH : Even Bush has admitted that there is no evidence of a link between
al Qaeda and Iraq. CBS News, 9/18/03. 


LIE: "I'm confident that our search will yield a weapons program." GWB,

TRUTH: Despite free access to Iraq over the past year, U.S. inspectors,
headed by David Kay, have found nothing. New York Times, 1/23/04. 


LIE: "Yes, we found a biological laboratory in Iraq, which the U.N.
prohibited." GWB, 6/1/03. 

TRUTH: The so-called laboratories were designed to inflate weather balloons.
New York Times, 8/9/03. 

LIE: "We are concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using un manned aerial
vehicles to target the U.S." GWB, 10/7/02. 

TRUTH: Our Air Force officials correctly asserted before the war that these
drones never posed any threat to the U.S. Associated Press, 8/25/03. 




LIE: "[We seek] a Medicare system of which we can all be proud." GWB,

TRUTH : Bush's Medicare bill forbids the government from negotiating lower
prices for life-saving drugs. New York Times, 1/21/04. 



Bush's National Guard Service 

LIE: "There was no special treatment by the National Guard." GWB, 7/5/99. 

TRUTH: Bush's family connections got him into the Texas Air National Guard
in Texas. New York Times, 9/27/99. 




LIE: "These terrorists must be pursued...and that is the purpose of the
Patriot Act." GWB, 10/2/01. 

TRUTH: In 2003, two-thirds of all Patriot Act searches of financial records
had no connection to terrorists. New York Times , 9/28/03. 



LIE: "I believe sound science, and not politics, must prevail." GWB, 5/9/00.


TRUTH: Sixty leading scientists, including 20 Nobel laureates, have
denounced Bush for repeatedly distorting science for his personal political
interests. New York Times , 2/18/04. 




LIE: "We continue to work together to keep Social Security sound and
reliable." GWB, 1/29/04. 

TRUTH: Bush has used Social Security money to fund his tax cuts and other
spending programs. Congressional Budget Office, 3/7/03. 


LIE :  "Politicians have dipped into the [Social Security] Trust Fund to pay
for more spending; I will stop it." GWB, 5/15/00. 

TRUTH: Far from stopping the practice, Bush has increased the spending of
Social Security funds on other programs. Congressional Budget Office,


LIE: "[M]ore than 60 stem cell lines already exist." GWB, 8/9/01. 

TRUTH : Only 11 stem cell lines exist now, and Bush's prohibition of using
new stem cell lines severely limits research on deadly diseases, such as
diabetes and Parkinson's. CBS News , 5/9/03. 




LIE : "Promises made to our veterans will be promises kept." GWB, 1/19/01. 

TRUTH: Since this statement, over 160,000 veterans have been denied promised
health care benefits. Washington Post, 1/17/03. 


LIE: "'W' stands for women." GWB, 10/3/00. 

TRUTH: Upon taking office, Bush promptly closed the White House Office on
Women's Initiatives and Outreach. Boston Globe, 3/28/01. 




LIE: "The message is clear: if you lie, cheat or steal, there will be a
consequence in America." GWB, 3/30/04. 

TRUTH: Bush has repeatedly lied without any apparent consequence. 


LIE: "I glance at the newspaper...but I rarely read the stories." GWB,

TRUTH: According to Laura Bush, George Bush reads five national newspapers
every day. New York Times, 2/7/04. 


LIE : "I am a uniter, not a divider." GWB, 3/20/00. 

TRUTH : As a result of Bush's conduct in office, the country has never been
more deeply divided.
"Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for." ( Will
Alex M.
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