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 "Psst ... check out this business idea!"
 Dan Visoiu

 During a recent visit abroad (to an EU country), after I got the rental car
and started heading into town, I realized that something was missing (in
addition to the holes in the road that I am used to here in Romania).  At
first, I just could not put my finger on it ... so I kept driving and
driving and still nothing.  I went past construction sites, I went past
parks ... and then it finally hit me ... there was no MUD in sight!!!  In
fact, the solid form of mud (read: DUST) was also nowhere to be found.  Then
a grand idea came to me:  these could be the two Romanian exports which
could win over the EU!  I mean ... what a huge business opportunity before
my very own eyes ... I really could not believe my luck.

So now that I have been back for a couple of weeks, I have started to do
some market research (my idea being that not just any MUD and DUST will do,
but only the best must be exported to our future EU neighbors and friends).
The problem is, by the most conservatives  of estimates, I still have over
nine months of research to carry out.  So far, I have only been able to
visit the northern part of Bucharest (Baneasa - Iancu Nicolae) and the
down-town area where I work. And I have to say that the areas in and around
the Atheneu and Piata Revolutiei are definitely "high-end" DUST and MUD
areas (similar to the concept of a "high-end" shopping locale).  Some of the
best and highest quality MUD and DUST can be found here. And believe me,
there is nothing like parking your car 50 meters from the Hilton hotel and
ending up with this luxurious material on your suit and shoes before
entering the hotel for a meeting.  I know that it will be a difficult task,
but I am quite confident that I will be able to visit the majority of
Bucharest's mud and dust sites before Romania's entry into the European
Union on January 1, 2007.  But the rewards will be worth all this effort (I
believe it is called "first mover advantage"), as after entry, I will be
able to export mud and dust to the EU without having to pay any customs
duties nor VAT.

 How great will that be!

So back to my business plan. I envision that I will start small for the
first 3 to 6 months, perhaps even for the first year.  But by year three, at
a minimum I want to see Romanian mud and dust all over Paris's
Champs-Elysee, Barcelona's Las Ramblas, Vienna's Karntnerstrasse, as well as
the main pedestrian zones of other EU capitals. I know it is an ambitious
plan, but if the weather will cooperate (lots and lots of rain during the
early spring and then no rain during the hot summer months), I will exceed
my wildest expectations!

And I am planning on naming my future company NOROI & PRAF EXPORT SRL, which
I will eventually transform into an S.A., and thereafter list the company on
the Bucharest Stock Exchange as well as a major foreign exchange (or perhaps
list GDRs on the New York Stock Exchange). I am still working out the
specifics, but be rest assured that you too will have the chance to be a
proud shareholder (or holder of GDRs) one day in the near future.  Finally,
Romania will no longer be known for just Ceausescu, Dracula, Nadia and Hagi!
So all of you readers who have been looking for a great investment
opportunity need look no further.  But please do not rush all at once ...
one at a time will do.  And as for you bankers out there, I will soon be
sending you my business plan;  however, I will have to be quite selective,
which means that unfortunately I will not be contacting all of you - just
those of you working for banks ranked in the Top 10.  And of course, if you
have any friends who are managing international investment funds looking for
deals in Romania, please do me a huge favor and let them know about this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

BTW, is it too late to re-open negotiations with the European Union in order
to put NOROI and PRAF on Romania's list of protected traditional products?
This is quite important to me, since I do not want future EU consumers to
suffer from knock-off, counterfeit NOROI and PRAF!

"Let me know, that at least, she will try
Then she'll be a true love of mine"

Sageata Albastra e cea mai mare tzeapa a transportului public! 
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