Evident, "the depressing building" la care se refera persoana necajita este
cladirea Agentiei de Protectie a Mediului, pe care cred ca s-a dat un vagon
de bani si care se afla intr-un loc cam ayurea; asta n-ar fi un capat de
tzara, partea interesanta este ca in imediata ei apropiere se afla niste
zone poluate urat (ma refer la diverse tipuri de deseuri menajere in special
dar si la "comportament poluant" ca sa zic asha), ca tot pe-acolo se afla o
asa-zisa "zona de protectie" pentru captare de apa, vai de ea!, la asa
"protectie" ma si mir ca nu-s toti bucurestenii bolnavi (apropo: faceti-va
analizele pentru Giardia :-pp) si ca, desigur, are tot soiu de kestii care
numa' nu te atrag sa mergi pe-acolo se "consulti" ceva (cum ar fi SIM pentru
Rosia Montana care s-ar afla, cica, si la ei si pentru a carui aparitie in
public NU au fost notificate ONGurile si persoanele care au solicitat acest
lucru, ceea ce, btw! INCALCA legea!).



i have to report to members of the group that i have at last paid my tax de
mediu after 7 months or so of trying(slap on back please).

first i have to say that this is a meaningless tax as my payment to the
government per year was 9.85 RON or 98,500 lei to those more adjusted to the
old lei.  in contrast to this, the fine for non payment apparently is a
wacking 15,000 RON, yes thats 150 million of the old stuff(or around
$5,000 in real currency).  i started to try to pay via ebanking(you can't
pay in cash) thus incurring bank charges.  three days later the money came
back "incorrect account" incurring more bank charges. ah, i made a mistake,
it  had to be a budget payment(whatever that is) second charges incurring
attempt to pay via enbanking and three days later back it came with the
annoying, uninstructive bland statement "incorrect account".  a visit to the
mediu institute, a depressing building surrounded by flood water at the
end of student's town was needed.

on arrival at the door, the security guard nodded knowingly. he'd seen
this before.
you have to include the correct CUI on the payment order.  production of a
worn and crumpled piece of paper from the pocket of the guard showed the
correct number.  third attempt with the CUI and sure enough three days later
back came the payment "incorrect account", try again, didn't put budget
account and sure enough, three days later you know what!. fifth attempt,
paid on payment order at the bank, this'll definitely work said the
bank clerk.
five days later, money back, same  depressing two word message.
another visit to the mediu institute, same  guard, "did you put the
CUI?"..... "well if that didn't work you have to see the people on the first
floor", the guard said pointing upwards. a visit to a sniffing lady, small
office potted plants, smoke filled atmosphere.  "not our fault, you have to
go to the Trezoria sector 3, they'll sort it".  found the trezoria sector 3
at which a large lady produced a large, very thick computer file and with a
grin pronounced "oh, you are just one of thousands that have paid and had
their payments returned, this is just one of many books we have showing
returned payments, quite a laugh eh?"  and then gauging that we were not as
amused as she, adopted a more serious face "the best way to pay draga, is
via the post office they know how to do it!" and that's what we did.

it's been three weeks now and no notification from the post office that a
substantial amount, the same 9.85 RON is waiting to be collected from post
oficial 4, SUCCESS, warm righteous glow.

so if there is anyone out there, embarrassed to say that that they have
given up trying to pay this wretched tax, "try the post office draga" (mind
our two hour visit to the post office in order to do so is another story).

mike b
ps. andrew, i hope this makes the next issue of Vivid

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