The government is losing its reason
          By Haaretz Editorial
          Bombing bridges that can be circumvented both by car and on foot; 
seizing an airport that has been in ruins for years; destroying a power 
station, plunging large parts of the Gaza Strip into darkness; distributing 
flyers suggesting that people be concerned about their fate; a menacing flight 
over Bashar Assad's palace; and arresting elected Hamas officials: The 
government wishes to convince us that all these actions are intended only to 
release the soldier Gilad Shalit. 

But the greater the government's creativity in inventing tactics, the more it 
seems to reflect a loss of direction rather than an overall conception based on 
reason and common sense. On the face of it, Israel wishes to exert increasing 
pressure both on Hamas' political leadership and on the Palestinian public, in 
order to induce it to pressure its leadership to release the soldier. At the 
same time, the government claims that Syria - or at least Khaled Meshal, who is 
living in Syria - holds the key. If so, what is the point of pressuring the 
local Palestinian leadership, which did not know of the planned attack and 
which, when it found out, demanded that the kidnappers take good care of their 
victim and return him? 

The tactic of pressuring civilians has been tried before, and more than once. 
The Lebanese, for example, are very familiar with the Israeli tactic of 
destroying power stations and infrastructure. Entire villages in south Lebanon 
have been terrorized, with the inhabitants fleeing in their thousands for 
Beirut. But what also happens under such extreme stress is that local divisions 
evaporate and a strong, united leadership is forged. 

                        In the end, Israel was forced both to negotiate with 
Hezbollah and to withdraw from Lebanon. Now, the government appears to be 
airing out its Lebanon catalogue of tactics and implementing it, as though 
nothing has been learned since then. One may assume that the results will be 
similar this time around as well. 

Israel also kidnapped people from Lebanon to serve as bargaining chips in 
dealings with the kidnappers of Israeli soldiers. Now, it is trying out this 
tactic on Hamas politicians. As the prime minister said in a closed meeting: 
"They want prisoners released? We'll release these detainees in exchange for 
Shalit." By "these detainees," he was referring to elected Hamas officials. 

The prime minister is a graduate of a movement whose leaders were once exiled, 
only to return with their heads held high and in a stronger position than when 
they were deported. But he believes that with the Palestinians, things work 

As one who knows that all the Hamas activists deported by Yitzhak Rabin 
returned to leadership and command positions in the organization, Olmert should 
know that arresting leaders only strengthens them and their supporters. But 
this is not merely faulty reasoning; arresting people to use as bargaining 
chips is the act of a gang, not of a state. 

The government was caught up too quickly in a whirlwind of prestige mixed with 
fatigue. It must return to its senses at once, be satisfied with the threats it 
has made, free the detained Hamas politicians and open negotiations. The issue 
is a soldier who must be brought home, not changing the face of the Middle 

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