*'Non in musaeo fit ars', Tobias Sternberg*
installation with wood and plaster (2006)

with 'one-to–one meetings' programmed by *add* – business chance on art
at The Young Artists' Biennial Bucharest – Second Edition
AWOL, Absent Without Leave
Oct 14 – Nov 16 2006

The Latin title, 'Non in musaeo fit ars', translates as 'Art is Not Made in
Museums', and illustrates the origin of the idea of the work, which came
after an examination of the local cultural context and from conversations
between Sternberg and *add* team about how and where Romanian artists make
their work. Sternberg was impressed by how far *add* works away from the
institution, with their office located in a top apartment of a typical tower
block in Bucharest and how much energy and ideas they have to make things

This AWOL spirit fits perfectly with the intentions of the Biennial, which
sets out to investigate and create alternative spaces and situations for
presenting and experiencing art in. AWOL, the Biennial's theme, is a term
which refers to someone who has deserted their post without permission, and
is somewhere else, with thoughts and needs in opposition to the central
point, the institution.

Jenny Brownrigg, co-curator of AWOL asked *add* to work with Tobias
Sternberg as they share a similar dynamic in their conceptual processes.
Both in their work with other organisations or individuals will identify the
question in any given circumstance, in order to creatively come up with
'infinite possibilities' and unusual solutions that can be a catalyst for
change. Whilst *add* 's main enthusiastic aim is to help others through
their advice, Sternberg has referred to himself as a 'crazy helper'".
Scottish curator Jenny Brownrigg says, "Tobias working with *add* is one of
five proposals for the Biennial that revolve around an aim to set up
'hosted' situations that honestly create a connection, an exchange and a
platform between Romanian and UK practices".

For AWOL, London-based Swedish artist Tobias Sternberg has specially built a
structure in Bratianu Palace, the Biennial venue, that offers to the public
the space for one-to-one meetings, programmed by *add *- business chance on
art, to take place within.

The structure itself is a piece in two parts built within two rooms in the
palace – the person booked for the meeting will enter through the side that
is an ironic take on the artificiality of classicism of museums and make
their way through to the meeting space which conversely is reminiscent of
the rough functionality of the tower block.

For the visitors, the meetings, that take place in Sternberg's installation,
present the opportunity to speak directly with some key, young Romanian
specialists that are at the vanguard of developments in the Romanian
contemporary arts scene and creative industries. The selection of *add* team
is thought as a platform that reflects different aspects of the independent
contemporary art and cultural production in visual arts, architecture, film,
theatre, fashion design, dance, animation.

You are invited to come to *The Young Artists' Biennial Bucharest*, to go
behind-the-scenes and discover a broad range of smart concepts and projects
and the exciting people that are creating and developing them.

One-to-one meetings - lasting for 30 min with one person – can be scheduled
- Simona Nastac - independent curator, co-founder of e-cart.ro and arts
manager at ICR London; Wednesday, October 18, between 3-6 p.m.
- Adriana Zaharia - theatre director & co-director of Persona association &
Desant Theatre; Friday, October 20, between 3-6 p.m.
- Stefania Ferchedau - director of Ecumest association; Saturday, October
21, between 3-6 p.m.
- Nicoleta Braniste – cultural manager and project co-ordinator for ArtLink;
Sunday, October 22, between 3-6 p.m.
- Andreea Grecu - cultural manager & director of AFCN; Friday, October 27,
between 3-6 p.m.
- Olah Gyarfas - fashion designer for Rozalb de Mura label; Saturday,
October 28, between 3-6 p.m.
- Aurora Kiraly - curator & director of Galeria Noua; Sunday, October 29,
between 3-6 p.m.
- Alina Serban - independent curator; Friday, November 3, between 3-6 p.m.
- BA.sar – architecture office; Saturday, November 4, between 3-6 p.m.
- Mihai Chirilov - artistic director Transilvania International Film
Festival and editor in-chief of Re:publik magazine; Sunday, November 5,
between 3-6 p.m.
- Gianina Carbunariu - theatre director and co-founder of DramAcum;
Thursday, November 9, between 3-6 p.m.
- Razvan Tupa - writer & cultural journalist, editor in- chief Cuvantul;
Friday, November 10, between 3-6 p.m.
- Stefan Tiron - independent curator & writer; Saturday, November 11,
between 3-6 p.m.
- Mihai Mitrica – co-director of Anim'est – animation festival; Sunday,
November 12, between 3-6 p.m.

 below you can find further info on each guest.

 for pictures, bookings and reminders send to you for the day with your
favourite speaker, contact
Erika OLEA - program coordinator *add*
m: 00 4 0723 172 850
           [EMAIL PROTECTED]

*He is Swedish artist who lives and works in London (www.tobiassternberg.com

Sternberg likes to react and respond to real rather than fictive situations,
providing creative, unconventional and on the face of it, often absurd
solutions, that turn the function of an object or organisation on its head.
His built physical structures and altered objects aim to explore and expose
the limitations of the systems and circumstances they were made in. Tobias
Sternberg's practice is an active response to the conditions of life he sees
around himself, in his own case often involving the art world and its hidden
structures. For Sternberg, his sculptures have to actively form what he
calls 'material questions', where the question is put into wood, metal and
paint, in order to react to or remake ideas, images and objects that already

Future projects include:
"FOR SALE" - first solo exhibition, at the Cornexchange gallery in Edinburgh
(www.cornexchangegallery.com ), questioning how work by young artists are
being priced. He does so by recreating as sculptures ordinary consumer goods
he has seen advertised in magazines and leaflets. Taking the analogy even
further, he is pricing his sculptures according to what the advertisements
say, and not after established standards in the art market.
EMARE. This two-month video art residency at VIVID in Birmingham (
www.vivid.org.uk) will take place during January and February. Tobias has
proposed a thorough examination into the role of the camera as the main
protagonist in film (what all films have in common), by taking away any
human or other actors and only focusing on the cameras movements.

is a curator and writer working at University of Dundee Exhibitions
Department in Scotland, UK.

add* – business chance on art
Founded at the beginning of 2002, *add* is a nongovernmental, non-profit
registered organization, which has as mission the development of youth's
creative abilities.

The organization acts as catalyst for new ideas and strategies of
collaboration between, artists and cultural institutions on the one hand and
companies from the business community on the other. The purpose is to help
young artists and cultural organisations and to offer other categories of
youth opportunities to participate in art projects, as well as to bring into
the dialogue with the business sector issues like the value of culture in
today's Romanian society and modalities of supporting the arts.

Future projects include: the launch of Book ONE and Book TWO from a series
of books that are using our experience in arts marketing, bringing together
theoretical and practical concepts and views of various professionals from
Romania and Europe, the opening of add knowledge library, a series of
courses for students etc.

All of our initiatives and programs (i.e. Introducing marketing to cultural
organizations, add knowledge library, add insight research series etc.) are
emphasizing on creativity, multidisciplinary approach, professionalism and a
strong sense of looking forward for strategic solutions.
www.add.org.ro (under construction)

*The Young Artists' Biennial Bucharest *– Second Edition, AWOL, Absent
Without Leave runs Oct 14 – Nov 16 2006 and it is organised by Meta Cultural
Foundation in partnership with Goethe-Institut Bukarest

Location: Bratianu Palace , 6 Visarion St.(Piata Romana)
The opening times: Wed – Sun 11am – 7pm; Mon, Tue closed


Simona NASTAC*
Simona Nastac is a freelance curator and art critic, who lives and works in
London and Bucharest. Since 2003 she is an editor of 'e-cart.ro'
web-zine (www.e-cart.ro

Her most recent curatorial projects include "Through Popular Expression"
(galeria plan b, Cluj, 2006), "Monthly Evaluations" (East-West Gallery, New
York, 2006), "Temporary Studio" (Orizont Gallery, Bucharest, 2006) and "
I.D.E.A.London" at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London (2005).

She is a co-curator of the 2nd International Young Artists Biennial,
Bucharest 2006, and a contributor to several art magazines such as *Flash
Art*, *Prezent* (Bucharest), *IDEA art+society* (Cluj), and

Currently she is Arts Manager at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London.*


*Adriana ZAHARIA*
She graduated the National University of Drama and Film Arts Bucharest
(Acting-1996 and Stage Directing-2004). She is the manager of Persona
Association since 2003 (www.persona.com.ro).

Since 2004 she has directed a couple of theatrical performances (i.e.
Seherezada written by Jonas Gardell) and currently she prepares a show on a
text written by Iulia Popovici (game / chat / forum - universe); Zaharia is
also involved in a historical documentary (now in a research and
preproduction phase).

Beginning with 2005 she co-initiated the provocative program – DESANT
Theatre a space for research and experiment, a multidisciplinary point for
meetings among artists from all mediums.

The DESANT philosophy is to promote the total creative freedom for artists,
as the team is interested in the same time in the creative process as well
as in the final product.


*Stefania FERCHEDAU*
Stefania Ferchedau is a cultural manager based in Bucharest. She has a BA in
classical philology from the University of Bucharest (2001), and is co-author
of a series of translations from Latin and ancient Greek published at the
Polirom publishing house since 1999. Though remaining close to her literary
background, she ended the fondness for the academic field and switched to
cultural action in 2002, when she started to work on programming of films
and events at the Romanian Cinematheque, while following a MA programme in
cultural management.

Since 2003 she joined the ECUMEST Association – a cultural NGO with an
interdisciplinary profile among the various artistic fields, with programmes
in Romania and in Eastern Europe – and contributed to the development of its
numerous projects aimed at 'making it work' for the cultural sector and at
supporting contemporary creativity. Among these are Policies for Culture,
Press Stress Group, ARCult & Piata de dezbateri (ARCult Forum) or the
production of a series of lectures, master classes and workshops with
theatre director Andrei Serban.

Carrying on with her literary profile, she also coordinated during this time
a series of the ECUMEST publications. As director of the ECUMEST programmes
since 2006, she goes on with and believes in 'making it work'. (
www.ecumest.ro )


*Nicoleta BRANISTE*
After graduating from the Cluj University of Philosophy (2002), and having
specialised in cultural management with a master at the University of Lyon
2, Nicoleta Braniste is currently a cultural assistant at the French
Institute of Bucharest.

In 2005, she created the Artlink association through which she is
coordinating contemporary dance projects. She would like Artlink to become a
important pole of information/training/dissemination in contemporary dance
and then develop artistic residencies.

*Andreea GRECU*
Andreea Grecu is a cultural manager, based in Bucharest (b. 1974). She
graduated in 1993 the International Economics Relations Faculty, in
Bucharest, with a degree in European Integration.

 She has worked as a project coordinator and executive director with the
independent ACT Theatre, with Proiect DCM foundation (dance), as a programme
coordinator with UNITER (Romanian Theatre' s Union), as a project
coordinator with Ecumest association.  In 2005 Grecu co-organised the first
meeting in Romania of the international production network Theorem.

She is currently a lector at the Art History Faculty of the Bucharest
University, teaching the Management of the Cultural Projects and Cultural
Policies. Also she is the manager of the National Cultural Fund (www.afcn.ro),
an important public financing body for cultural projects and cultural
publications & books.

In 2007 Andreea Grecu will publish her doctoral thesis focused on the
Economic Competition in the European Union.



In Olah Gyarfas's world, Hungarian deliciously mingles with Romanian language,
reality with fiction, masculine with feminine, minimalism with a
passion for details
and tan sessions with an icy walk to St. Ana Lake.

A scholarship at University of Applied Arts in Budapest, "Designmai"
Festival in
Berlin, Romanian Fashion Week and Iasi Fashion Week and here he is, tall, a
slender, nonchalantly urban silhouette, an exotic presence in any metropolis in
the world, all the more in the quiet Transylvanian small town of
Miercurea Ciuc.
Here, in the chocolate-walled studio, the severe snap of the sewing machines
mark the last preparations before the launch of the first collection signed
by Olah Gyarfas for Rozalb de Mura label.

Just recently Unit F büro für mode (Vienna), the Austrian organization that
promoted young avant-garde designers like Petar Petrov and Wendy & Jim
awarded him the Kontakt Erste Bank Award for one of the most creative
Eastern European fashion designer. A fabulous Rozalb de Mura boutique will
open in Curtea Sticlarilor (Lipscani area) in early November.
www.rozalbdemura.ro   (under construction)


*Aurora KIRÁLY*

Aurora Király is a visual artist and cultural manager based in Bucharest.
She graduated University of Art Bucharest in 1994 and in 1998 the EcumEst
Cultural Management MA Program - Dijon. In 1999, Kiraly was appointed as
assistant-curator of the Report project at the Romanian pavilion in the
Venice Biennale.

 Since 2001 she coordinates Galeria Noua, a gallery with a distinct identity
among the contemporary art spaces in Bucharest, due to its profile -
photography and new media - as well as to the coherence of its program.
Beside the exhibition program (which keeps a balance between established and
young artists) Galeria Noua succeeded to be both a mainstream and an
alternative space.

In 2006, in the addition of the gallery program, Aurora Király coordinates
two major projects: the publishing of the book *Photography in Contemporary
Art. Trends in Romania after 1989* and the start-up of an
artist-in-residence programme in Bucharest, realized with the support of a
prestigious international institution - Akademie Schloss Solitude,
Stuttgart. Both projects will be finalized this November, when the book will
be launched and the first artist will come in residence.

*Alina SERBAN*
Alina Serban (b. 1978) is an art critic and curator. She lives and works in

Alina Serban graduated History and Theory of Art in Bucharest with a thesis
on experimentalism in art in the communist Romania and a master thesis
dedicated to the relation  between the process of rewriting the history
during Dej times and visual representation.
 She is member of AICA, Paris and she has a special interest in studying the
artistic movements in central and Eastern Europe within the 1944-1965

Serban editor of the monthly Arhitext – magazine on architecture and design
( Bucharest) and contributed with many essays and critical texts to several
international magazines.

Her most recent curatorial include the exhibitions: *Diversiuni Minimale*,
Galeria Vector, Iasi, *Motion Parade*, Fotogalerie Wien, Wien, and *Indirect
Speech*, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel in 2006.

 Curently she is involved in the program "SocialEast Seminar", MIRIAD,
Manchester with a research on socialist realism and to the last generation
of Romanian artistic avant-garde. Serban is now preparing presentations for:
the 2006 AICA Congress in Paris  and "Assemblage, Bricolage and the
Obsolete" conference, Henry Moore Institute Leeds.
* www.socialeast.org
www.fridericianum-kassel.de <http://www.fridericianum-kassel.de/>*
*** *

ba *sar

*ba* sar is:

probably the latest architectural studio in Bucharest made in October 2006
by cristi borcan and alex axinte: they both graduated in 2004 the school of
architecture in Bucharest.

*ba* sar means:

*b* – borcan, *a* – axinte and *sar** – *search and rescue.

*ba* sar does:

searching and rescuing lost objects, small stories, collecting bits and
parts of surrounding worlds.

*we are:*

cristi borcan (*b*)– has gathered his experience working in several
architectural studios and prepared numerous architectural competitions.

alex axinte (*a*) – worked for *EEA Architects Rotterdam*, junior lecturer
at the school of architecture in* *Bucharest , has published the *G*razthe*U
*sual*C*ity collection of everyday units, and currently activates also in
the team of '*Codrii Vlasiei Carnival*'.

Mihai Chirilov
He is a Romanian film critic (b. 1971). Graduated in 1995 in Electronics and
Communications - not that he enjoyed doing that: instead, he spent his
school years fuelling his hobby for cinema until it became a job. *

*First as an editor for a movie magazine (1995-1999), then as the artistic
director of the first international film festival, **TIFF** (Cluj Napoca)
from 2002 and still developing (** www.tiff.ro* *), and editor in chief of *
*Re:publik** magazine (** www.publik.ro** ), a monthly dedicated to film,
music and urban culture (again, the first - and until now - the only one of
its kind, since 2005). Since 2001, he also curates the British Film Festival
in Bucharest and other countries in Romania. *

*He translated two of Chuck "Fight Club" Palahniuk books into Romanian, was
member of the jury in various film festivals (Chicago, Hong Kong and
Goteborg). *

*He's a regular in most important film festivals ( Cannes, Venice,
Berlinplus ten others a year) and he's a passionate traveller. He's
chaotic and
always late, but somehow he's getting away with it. He's trying hard not to
miss a Bjork concert (wherever it is) and would never give up his idea of
going to Iguazu Waterfalls. ***


Gianina Carbunariu is a theatre director and playwriter.

In 2002 she initiated dramAcum program along with Andreea Valean, Radu
Apostol and Alex Berceanu. The main aim is to discover, develop, write and
promote new texts; further more, dramAcum wants to emphasize on the special
relationship between theatre directors and playwriters and creative team
work. In partnership with Teatrul Foarte Mic and several other theatres from
Romania the directors involved in the program succeeded to produce three new
shows based on texts selected after dramAcum competition.

"Stop the Tempo" show presented at Teatrul Luni - Green Hours was written
and directed by Carbunariu and later presented at the New Plays from Europe
Biennale in Wiesbaden, Germany and at the Torun International Festival,
Poland. To date, "Stop the Tempo" play was translated in five languages and
put on stage in France, Ireland and Germany.

Other recent work include: "Terorism" at Teatrul Foarte Mic (www.teatrulmic.ro
) and "mady-baby.edu" a co-production with Teatrul Foarte Mic. "
mady-baby.edu" was invited to the New Plays from Europe Biennale 2006 in
Wiesbaden, Germany, New Drama Festival, Moscow, 2006 and next year will
participate in the Festival Francophonie Metissee, Paris and New Drama
Festival, Budapest.

As playwriter she has been invited in the international residency program in
the Royal Court, London, 2004, at the FIND festival Schaubuehne Theatre in
Berlin, Tramedautore in Milano, at Regards Croises in Grenoble and other
festivals. **

* Razvan TUPA*
Razvan Tupa is writer, based in Bucharest, Romania (b. 1975). He graduated
in 2001 the International Academy for Study of History of Culture and
Religions. Tupa has worked as a journalist since 2002 at Evenimentul zilei
daily newspaper and at Prezent weekly magazine.

 Previous projects include the release of two poetry books. The first one,
"fetish" in 2001 was awarded the National Prize for Debut in Poetry "Mihai
Eminescu" at Botosani. In 2003 his first book was published in a second
edition, "fetis- o carte romaneasca a placerii" (fetish - a Romanian book of
pleasure) at Vinea Publishing House. The second one, "corpuri romanesti"
("romanian bodies") was included in a collection of poetry that re-launched
one of the biggest Romanian publishing houses, Cartea Romaneasca.

He became known as one of the "Fracturi" literary group, one of the most
discussed literary movements in Romania in the last 10 years. Later he was
considered one of the poets of the so called "Generation 2000".

Together with Linda Maria Baros, a Romanian poet based in Paris, he launched
in 2005 a poetry magazine - Versus-Versum and since 2004 he is writing a
musical column for "Suplimentul de Cultura" in Iasi.

 Currently he coordinates a series of meetings in Club A (Bucharest) where
authors are invited to read and interact with the audience every week. Also,
he prepares a new editorial format for "Cuvantul" cultural magazine.

Blog: http://corpuriromanesti.blogspot.com
English version at http://romanianbodies.blogspot.com


* Stefan TIRON *

ST is an information traficant, dirty data miner, shady somatic recipient,
damaged cortical data retriever, located in the Bucharest megastructure. (b
1976…). he graduated in 2001 or 2002(loss of data...) History and Theory of
Art, Bucharest.

previous projects: AVmotional - the first advanced audio-video festival in
Ro first edition
2004 www.avmotional.com
http://cozzzzzzzzzmonautica.blogspot.com/ - alternative edu project
involving sleep concerts, documentaries on cosmology, light installations,
and free resources about space and the history of the universe as presented
by science trough the ages.
http://www.otakufestival.com/ - 2006 the First edition of the first Otaku
Festival in Romania, Bucharest.

Currently a wasted shell of his former radiant self due to closeness to
supernova explosion simulation during the last festival. Due to maintenance
work he is kept somewhere near the closest orbital station under intensive
He will participate as at the Disk 4 as a holodeck projection(with Cosmin
Tapu and Mihaela Vasile, Yvat and Alexe Popescu) in Berlin at Club

He is also having a residence with fellow conspirator Alexandra Croitoru in
Sinaia at "vila Cerbul" dabbling in ufology, parapsychologic hagiography,
aromatherapy and psychotic theory making.

Next projects ...finishing and releasing upon humanity the vast majority of
his texts online under free CC licence. Doing a drop-lifting project at the
workshop in Arad. Splitting the ultimate particle.

 *Mihai MITRICA*
He graduated in 1997 – Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, where he
specialized in Public Management.
He joined Transilvania Film Festival (www.tiff.ro) organizers in 2005 and he
was the print traffic and programme coordinator for the 2005 and 2006
editions of the festival.

In august 2005, he became one of the founding members of ESTENEST cultural
association (www.estenest.ro) and got involved in several projects and
special cultural events:
- The Top Ten Retrospective of 2005 in cinema, the 6th edition (best films
screened in Romania, according to film critics) – February 2006
-The first edition of *anim'est* international animation film festival
  in Bucharest and Cluj (over 250 short films, 10 feature films, more than
3500 spectators between 22nd September- 1st October 2006)
-The Top Ten Retrospective of 2006 in cinema (it will be held at the
beginning of 2007)
-Fest'Asia, Asian film festival http://www.estenest.ro/projectsEN-festasia.php

-Sibiu Film Fest, part of the larger project Sibiu, European cultural
capital 2007. there will be two parts, one in July, based on the idea of
several cultures within the same territory, and the second in July-August,
silent film with live orchestra. See more:

He has a special interest in film and music festivals and sometimes he
writes in the cultural press about his experiences as a festival goer.

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