A Saskatchewan farmer and his wife, on their way back home in January, are at 
the airport in Florida awaiting their flight. They are dressed in heavy boots, 
parka, scarf, mittens, etc, ready for the Canadian winter. An older American  
couple standing nearby is intrigued by their manner of dress. The wife says to 
her husband: 
"Look at that couple. I wonder where they're from?" 
He replies: 
"How would I know?" 
She counters: 
"You could go and ask them." 
He says: 
"I don't really care. You want to know, you go and ask them." 
She decides to do just that and walks over to the couple and asks, 
"Excuse me. Looking at your dress, I wondered where you're from.
The farmer replies: 
"Saskatoon, Saskatchewan". 
The woman returns to her husband who asks: 
"So, where are they from?" 
She replies: 
"I don't know. They don't speak English." 

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