Training: Spokesperson Skills (October 13-14th, Bucharest)

This workshop is a must for anyone who speaks to the news
media. This highly interactive two days seminar will help you
develop basic skills for communicating effectively with print, radio and 
reporters.  You will learn to create a positive image of your
organization, control your message, and use hands-on learning methods to become
a more confident and articulate spokesperson.   
Participants will learn how to: 
        * Communicate with a purpose 
        * Take control of media interviews 
        * Create compelling, quotable messages and sound bites 
        * Anticipate reporters' questions and deliver your key messages in 
        * Reduce the chances of being misquoted or taken out-of-context 
        * Turn negatives into positives 
        * Build confidence and credibility 
        * Present effectively on television and in person, including use of 
body language, eye contact, voice, and dress to support one’s message 
        * Develop techniques for handling difficult questions
Participants will receive individual coaching to help
them successfully utilize interview techniques and build confidence, as well as
numerous on-camera experiences, answering reporters’ questions during realistic
now at,
Fee: 320 Ron (courses,coffee breaks, diploma)
Discounts: 10% for students, 10% for
groups of 2

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