Hi Jodi,

[Your original message to the list was mangled by me and the mail
software; long story.  Appending it here for the record.]

You can get a protext cd from tug for $40 + $2 shipping.

This is what was released last year, and it should still be just fine
for most purposes.  If you need the absolute latest updates, we might be
able to burn a special cd, I'd have to consult.

I guess the alternative is to find a friend in Australia with broadband
and have them download, burn and ship a cd to you :).  (It's essentially
free software, there's no problem with doing so.)



Unfortunately, I am in regional Australia where there is no broadband, so I
 am restricted to dialup.

Since Protext is over 400MBt - is it possible to get a DVD sent to me? If
 so, how much would it cost to Victoria, Australia?

Is there another option?

Thank you in advance and regards,

Jo Dipnall
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